Maximum Download Bandwidth with Free Cloud Storage

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Maximum Download Bandwidth with Free Cloud Storage

I am running a blog about Movie songs and lyrics but very few visitors my blog is getting. I am looking to provide download features as well in my blog. But I guess I would need some webspace to store my files which I am looking to provide for downloading to my users. I don't want to buy web space rather than I would like to use any free cloud storage service. I want to know which cloud service will provide maximum download bandwidth?
If there is any other way of doing this please suggest that too. Thanks....


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A cloud storage company that offers 50 GB of storage for free, is Mega. This company is not only known for their generous basic service plan, but also its commitment towards customer privacy... Due to the massive server allocation for free accounts, there is no way to earn more room without paying for an upgrade...
Unlike some cloud storage providers, Mega offers end to end encryption for all customers, resolving privacy concerns... In addition, clients can set bandwidth speed limits to help cut down on how much the program uses..
Other features include the ability to upload whole folders via any browser and to share data with anyone. The desktop sync allows users to include only files with specific keywords..
However, there are a few downsides to Mega... The bandwidth has a limit of 10 GB, and once it’s used up users have to wait 30 minutes for a refill to continue. Also, there is no way to set passwords for shared files or folders...

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