Changing country in Webmater tools?

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Changing country in Webmater tools?

I have my site which belong to a entertainment niche (Indian movies/music).

In the webmaster tools the country was set to US by default. The site was intended for ranking in but now i have good rankings in but no ranking in India. The searches in Google India for my keywords are ten times greater than Now if i change the country to India, Will i loose my rankings in .Com and will i gain same positions in ..I don't really want to loose both end of the day

I need your suggestions?


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For geographic target location you can get some trouble probably. But also you can take the help of google support. If your website is targeted to worldwide than may be its not a factor. If your website is targeted only USA and if you want to change that India- than you have to SEO again for Indian search engine stop position.

Hope this link will help you.


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