Do I need SSL certificate?

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Do I need SSL certificate?

Should I get an SSL certificate for my site? The only products I sell are linked to Paypal which has secure servers. And, the only way my readers communicate with me via the blog are through comments and a chat box plug in on the side of the blog. I've considered getting SSL certificate, but would it be worthwhile or needed?


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It isn't required in your case. If you ever take cards directly, you have to in order to be PCI compliant.

If you get it anyway, it is a sign of authority and helpful in SEO.

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Google is giving preference on SEO wise for those sites which are using SSL. And that means it's worth having it if google wants you to have it. Besides with Let's encrypt, you don't have much to do in order to set it up. It is also free of cost to use from the hosting panel, So I suggest you to use the Let's encrypt SSL option in your host. And that way you can have the HTTPS for your domain.

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