South America battles Amazon (shopping) over domain name

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South America battles Amazon (shopping) over domain name

South America is squaring off with the giant online retailer Amazon in a battle over the prized top-level web domain name the company shares with the South America's tropical rain forest.
Brazil and Peru have formally opposed the e-commerce site's plans to register the .amazon URL with ICANN.

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What are your thoughts on this situation? Should Amazon be entitled to use the specialized TLD as it matches their site? Or, would this open up use of other world treasures being exploited as TLD names?


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That's a lost cause. South America needs to stop wasting everybody's time; especially Amazon's. I remember when the company first started. I remember telling my friend that if I had money I would buy some of their stock because it was going to be worth a lot in years to come. I didn't have any money at the time. But my predictions about the company's financial success were correct. I say, if South America were going to complain, they should have done it decades ago! Why do it now? They're just making themselves look stupid!

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