Verification on instagram

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Verification on instagram

How to get the verified bage on instagram?


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This are what you need:
1. Don’t get big on Instagram first:This also applies to whatever platform you are trying to getverified on, be it Twitter, Facebook or Youtube. Apparentlyeven Tinder has verified users now, too! Whicheverplatform is your goal, you need to work on building yourpresence somewhere else. We believe that Jane’s YouTubevideos—although only amassing between 1,000-15,000views each—was what led to us being verified onInstagram.There is reasoning behind this. If you build your brand onInstagram, collecting thousands of followers over a longperiod of time, this is where people will know you from. Youcan be easily found on that platform and it is unlikelysomeone with a similar name could be mistaken for you.

2. Gain notoriety on parallelplatforms:What are parallel platforms? Social media marketers willrecognize that there are unspoken lines drawn betweenusers on certain platforms and other that bears the same kind of user With similar demographics and content style..

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