Which are the best places to create backlinks?

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Which are the best places to create backlinks?

Hai freinds,
I want to know what are websites that you use to build backlinks to clients websites to increase there authority and SERP?

Naveen raju


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Here you can find some very good discussions about your subject Search "discussion community" pages for more, to learn from professionals.

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  1. Visit forums which have to do with your site's niche, and contribute some good content to them, and if allowed include link for your site. Not all forums will allow you to do this so check that it is permissible before adding the link to your signature or profile.
  2. You can also create videos submit to YouTube. Add your site link in the video description.
  3. Look for free directories that provide free link exchange. You can add your link in such free directories.
  4. Create valuable articles and posts and submit along with site links to social bookmarking sites.

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There are many places you can create backlinks. For example, forums and blogs. The forums and blogs don’t need to be related to your niche. A lot of webmaster forums will let you promote your website so you can post a thread there or use signatures. On blogs, use blog commenting. You can also use untapped sources. For example, write a review of your host in return for a link back to your website. Another example is that you can donate some money to dead forums that have high PR and they will probably be happy to provide you with a permanent link.

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I have read so many discussions that a backlink in Edu and Gov sites are the quality backlinks that can bring you lots of traffic. Another site is Yahoo Answers which is also in the same league. The gist of the matter is the big amount of traffic that those sites get. In other words, build your backlinks only on popular sites so that it can have better chances in terms of traffic.

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