Why is local search optimization so important?

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Why is local search optimization so important?

Why is it important to optimize my website for local search results? What if my company is solely based online, would it still be important to perform local search SEO?


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Local Search Engine Optimization is very important for small business.Almost half of all local searches begin without a specific business in mind. That means that people are simply looking for a product or service and they’re looking for help online. This is where the opportunity lies for locally focused small businesses.

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If your business is based online than its not vital to do local SEO you can target world wide.

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I came here to know more about Local SEO .. Would love to see more views by experts here .. After all this is a seo forum why cant i see good local advise here ?
Experts guys please come up

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To Attain best results and show your presence locally you need to better optimized your website so that It will come in local results;

13 Semantic Markup Strategies For Local Business Websites

1. Authorship & Publisher Markup (Google has dropped this now but its still good if you update this)
2. Local Business Schema and Geotag
3. Testimonial
4. Breadcrumbs
5. Events
6. Coupons/Offers
7. Videos (For this Google recommends that you use the VideoObject Schema )
8. Recipes
9. Individuals ( highlighting your employees can help with local search rankings. In addition to displaying author information, you can also mark up information about

executives and employees on your site as well by using the Schema for a Person.)
10. Tables & Bulleted Lists
11. Products
12. Meta Descriptions
13. Facebook Open Graph

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According to HubSpot, a leading SEO site online, there are over 2 billion local searches made online every month and most by mobile users. Maybe this is true because the mobile user is out on the go and wants to know good places locally where they can eat and be entertained.

20% of Desktop queries have local intent

5% use the city and/or state name

2% use informal terms, like neighborhoods

0.5% use ZIP codes

50%+ of Mobile queries have local intent

So, if you're not targeting local search users, you are missing out on a large percentage of searches.

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Local SEO might not be as important for your site if you are based online, rather than a local business that caters to a specific community. However, you can still benefit from local SEO if it helps drive more traffic to your website. For instance, if your site is about moms, then you might target Michighan or Atlanta moms on part of your site. This could net your site with more traffic than you had before.

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If you are offering a local service such as carpet cleaning or car repair, you will want to be listed for your keyword in local Google search so that you can easily be found by people living in your area.

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More detailed answer for your query

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For online business that is service-oriented, the clients are naturally local only unless your business is a huge one that have branches worldwide. Anyway, particularly for small businesses, clients are in the vicinity only. When our air conditioner broke down, I searched for the local service companies and I found several which, I think, are optimized so their links landed on top of the search list on page 1. And when I was not satisfied with the links on page 1, I continued scanning the next pages and I found a service company that I like on page 2. Think of the lost opportunities of that website on page 2 simply because it is not optimized.

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