Googles Contact Lense

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Googles Contact Lense

So you have heard about Google Glass, and Google Wink, right? Well now they are talking about Google's Contact Lens. Yes that is right. Google announced on January 16 that they are in the process of helping those with diabetes. This contact lens will help those with diabetes by measuring the glucose levels that are found in the tears. In the contact lens, there will be a wireless chip, along with a glucose sensor. Around this will be the material that is used to make contact lenses.

This sounds pretty cool but they are testing it further. They will test to put in tiny LED lights into the contacts that will light up when the glucose levels have gone above or below a programmed level.

With diabetes effecting more and more these days, it is a great way to help those that have it. This will allow others around them to see when their levels are off just by glancing into their eyes, which is an exciting development. Insulin can spike in a matter of minutes or seconds, so this will really be helpful to those that suffer from diabetes.


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This is cool and odd at the same time. I can not believe how far we are coming. I do feel that this will really help those with diabetes though so that is wonderful news.

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When I read the headline, I was going to say how I would be hesitant to put anything in my eye that came from Google. Then again, this seems to have medical applications so the risk might be worthwhile.

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This is very interesting. I had not heard of this til now but it is something that I would be interested in learning more about.

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