A Few Questions About Payoneer?

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A Few Questions About Payoneer?

So i see that Payoneer is now available on SEOClerks to use when withdrawing earnings, but i have a few questions about the service before i decide weither to use them or not...

Q1: Does it cost to use them?
Q2: Is it a card that i recieve and when i withdraw earnings, i card spend those earning on the card straight away like i would a normel card in a store or online?


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From SEOCLERKS to Payoneer is free, but when you received funds in your payoneer account you need to upload these funds to your card, there are two option for you to upload your card:
1- is $2 fee process time two days
2- is $5 fee process time 4 to 5 hours.

I hope it is answer to your question.

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