How to import outlook 2010 ?

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How to import outlook 2010 ?

I am using outlook express from many years but it is not working properly. So suggest me something as soon as possible.


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To import a .PST file into Outlook 2010 please follow these steps:
1. Open Outlook 2010:
2. Click on "FILE" near the top left corner of your screen. A newscreen should appear.
3. Next select "Open" from the left column options and click on"Import" that appears next to it:
4. Click and highlight "IMPORT FROM ANOTHER PROGRAM ORFILE" in the list that is in the small window, then click "NEXT"
5. Click and highlight "Outlook Data File (.pst)" , then click"NEXT"
6. Click "BROWSE" and browse to the folder where the .pst file is
7. Select the file and Click "OPEN" , then click "NEXT"
8. You may be prompted for the password that was given to thesaved backup file. Please "ENTER" your password and click "OK"
9. Select a location to import to and click "FINISH". The .PST filewill now be imported into your Outlook 2010 profile:

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