So Bing is really Microsoft?

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So Bing is really Microsoft?

Why is Microsoft always competing with Google when it comes to sites and search?

Bing is not the superior search site, so why are they still trying?


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Google and Microsoft have a very long bitter rivalry that goes back many many years.

At one time, the engineers of Google set up a trap to prove that Bing was stealing their results. Once they got the info they stormed into a Microsoft convention and confronted them with it.

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yes that because google takes it alone as there some deal with tehm already microsoft to control the internet micro and google search engine the things works like this nothing fair

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Bing is trying, because that is the nature of all business, to be competitive and try to be the best on the market. Besides, there are a lot of people who like Bing and their chances may grow in time to pass Google over.

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Yes Bing search is product of microsoft. It was designed for retaining their customers on their own platform. Though they do offer the client an option to use bing or other search through their products. Bing turned out to be a good product on many ways. And it seems like they are accepting a wide variety of the search. And not only that they seem to be having the daily new wallpaper on the device too. That seems to be a good option for them to manage the search quality.

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Really? Not surprised! That's why when you buy any microsoft gadget Bing is the default search engine. My phone is Microsoft and I have to keep downloading Google after an update, you need to fight to use Google on their devices. Microsoft should change their team and give Google a run for their money. Google is now a monopoly and we know what happens when a corporation gets their kind of power. Look at Facebook and Twitter that sensor people and kick you out of their platform when they don't like what you are saying.

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I was actually surprised when I learned that Bing is the product of Microsoft. Perhaps it is a ploy of Microsoft to be in the mainstream that’s why they need to have a competitor for Google and Yahoo otherwise they will be left behind in the search engine race. And to fortify their competing power, they launched Bing Rewards to get more users who will use their search engine. Unfortunately it looks like Bing Rewards is that attractive.

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