What do you like about Bing search?

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What do you like about Bing search?

The Bing search results are not as good as Google's search results but there are some good features about the site.

I like the popular news strip at the bottom of the Bing Search homepage.

What is your favorite thing about search?


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Bing is more about entertainment while Google search is all about delivering the most comprehensive results.

If you just want to find a few fun videos you should stick with Bing.

If you want to do serious research, Google search is the way to go.

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if you look for some exact and popular keyword you can use bing but if you want to search whatever google is the best as most smarter search engine

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Apart from the wallpaper on the I don't think like them much. I do however try to make sure that I get some good results for some terms. There are some advertisers where they do work lot better. I don't think google has managed to be good in terms of such desktop specific results. I guess we just have to wait and see how that works out.

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Nothing. I don't really like Bing. It has not found a way to attract a big enough audience so its search results are lacking. They are not even half as good as Google's. Obviously this is because not many people submit content to Bing. I think it has done a pathetic job of advertising itself and improving user experience. There is room in the game for everyone, look at social media where Facebook is dominant but it is loosing its dominance to other platforms.

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What I like about bing search is the background picture of mountain. Its so refreshing to see. Unlike with google its just an ordinary background.

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I have to be frank in this issue. Google is my favorite search engine and the default search engine in all my browsers whether in the computer or in mobile. However, I use Bing and Yahoo Search once in a while just to be up to date on the major search engines. What I like in Bing? I like their Bing Rewards but unfortunately it is not available in our country. Maybe if I can have an account in Bing Rewards then I may be using it instead of Google.

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