How To Make Money With Email Extractors

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How To Make Money With Email Extractors

Many people think emails from extractors are not good for building list and does not convert. I want to tell you that dealing with emails from extractors is different from any other lead system you know and I am going to show you how I have personally build lists that converts from email extractors. You will always have leads to target and convert wih this method.

I am a contributor of one of the best email extractors, Lead Grabber Pro for extracting targeted emails and phone numbers. I am selling it on seoclerks for $10 (Link in signature below)

When the software was first built, I have been using it wihout results or conversion untill I discovered the secret behind using email extractors.

Lets start!!
The secret is that, you have to build a new list from your extracted emails.


  1. First you need a sueeze page with a lead capture form
  2. Prepare your extracted emails

  3. Send an email to the extracted leads with link to your squeeze page. (You must know how to write such type emails)
  4. You can now promote your offers to the new subscribers from your sueeze page.

In other words, your email extractor software is your solo ad network and it will be forever free to use.
I did not read this from anywhere neither do I hear it from anyone yet it is working for me.
I am personally using this method wih my own email extractor and I am showing you my secret method that worked for me.

This is the easiest way to build huge conversible lists with less effort. You will never run out of leads using email extractor and this method.


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Good article, thank you very much. Really i use scraper to get importent data from the biggest sites like Yelp, Craiglist or Yellow Pages but your method is really interesting. I will keep this in my mind and wil try.

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Nice tutorial.

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hi sun all channel on

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I have found that there are plenty of people selling the email scrapers. And some are collecting the emails from the website. And this way they are making the money. So database colleciton of emails can make money. It just takes time in compared to the other mail building activity. But there are people who rent or buy the leads. So that is another good option in such case for sure.

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I knew these techniques but to be honest it can be harmful for your website if you use Email Extractors tool to get emails and promote your products. What I am saying is your email server can be reported or block if they report you as unwanted emails sent to them.

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I didn’t know that email marketing is still doing well in the marketing industry. This email extractor is new to me because what I know was the manual way of collecting email addresses to be used in the email list for marketing. Maybe this tool will save us time because the manual way is laborious and time consuming. However there is a comment that says the email extractor can be harmful to the website.

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