Questions to ask yourself about email marketing

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Questions to ask yourself about email marketing

One of the most common mistakes of email marketing is failure to maintain contact with the subscriber list.

So maybe the most important question you should ask is: Have I recently emailed my subscriber list?

Suggest some other questions you should be asking yourself about email marketing and email list maintenance.


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Am I saying what my email subscribers want to hear?

Knowing what your email subscribers want is very important. You can always poll or survey your readers to see what they want to read about.

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I think right question to ask is : does this content convert my subscriber into buyer? Because at the end of the day they are just leads to you. And though you have to treat them right. You have to also make the question the right way as well. That's how things are going to improve for many of us. I have less likely to understand this concept if you ask me. I do pay attention to the email marketing headlines and the content. And I think what converts and what does not convert is the right set of questions.

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If you have an email marketing chore I think you should be regular with the emailing. And the emails you send should also be informative and directly related to your business so that the receiver will not be confused. I remember one email subscription that was about a particular product that later on was trying to shift to another product. It didn’t suit me so I unsubscribed.

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