What's the best affiliate program to earn money with?

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What's the best affiliate program to earn money with?

Everyone says to go with Amazon, but they give you so little money for all that time and effort invested. Others say that Clickbank is good but refund rates are very high. Also lots of people competing. So what is the best affiliate company to work with?


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Did you try Seoclerks affiliate? It's really good. So far i have very good experience and making steady extra income.

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As anwebservices said, the SEOClerks affiliate program is very good for earning money. Many here have great success with the affiliate program.

One of the ways that I use this program is to create an affiliate link for my own services and whenever I'm advertising or promoting online for new customers, I use that link.

When that person signs up to SEOClerks to buy my services, they become my affiliate and I earn ten percent more from the sale of the service than if someone else had recruited them.

And, when that same person buys services from others on SEOClerks, I earn ten percent too.

It's a very good affiliate program, lots of great graphics and banners to use to advertise the program on your blog.

Really the best way to recruit others is by simply giving your honest opinion of the site and talking about your own personal experience with SEOClerks.

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Yes i agree. I used Amazon and Clickbank before, but problem is that you have work very hard and beat BIG competition to make few bucks. After that you need to work also for long time to earn enough for minimum payout amount, so i was waiting sometime whole year to get my check, while at Seoclerks you get money out much faster, and i am feeling better satisfaction while i am making more money this way What

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There isn't just one right answer. Some people use a mixture of affiliate programs. What's right for you may be not the right fit for someone else. If you're an affiliate selling other people's products, then you obviously want to make a list of products/services you can promote in that niche.

You'll want to include CPA offers, Amazon products, Commission Junction, Clickbank, etc... It will also depend on what your niche is.

I'm still new here to SEO Clerks, so I'm not to sure what all they offer but it appears they offer services to other businesses/Internet marketers. If this is what you're into then SC should be a good fit for you to add to your affiliate arsenal. What

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I'm with Amazon affiliate program, so far so good it hasn't been rosy but we are getting by.I think clickbank is okay with their high commission rate. You could try them for a start.

Never knew about SEOclerks affiliate, I need to research about it and signup.

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Yeah, use SeoClerks affiliate program.

I also make a few bucks here and there with Amazon (nothing special, I cashout via giftcards), but thats because I have my own site that I operate and maintain regardless (along with some banner ads).

Other than that I can't really recommend any specific affiliate program. I have tried a bunch, but I have mixed feelings at best.

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Seo softwares bring in good sum of passive income

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here If you find a correct set of affiliate your beneifited for ever :-)

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please any one can help me to promote my seoclerks affiliate link.i use facebook and got some refers.but now it not allowed.have special tips to promote my link???in blogs,in forums etc are basic method...please tell me more.

you can simply use Google to research on how to promote website links. popular promotional methods,apart from social networks, are social bookmarking, blog comments, article submission, forum posts etc. do your research and learn a lot

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You can make money from any affiliate programs, however, you need to know about right techniques. Some people can make a lot of money from Amazon (I know people who are making $1000-$3000 every month from Amazon), however, some people cannot make money from Amazon. For some people, Commission Junction will work, and for some people, Clickbank will work. Which program will suit you depends on the type of website you have, kind of products you are promoting and types of your visitors.
In order to make affiliate sales from your lingerie website, you need to promote lingerie products. You will never earn by promoting gaming products from a website on lingerie niche. If your visitors are housewives, you will never make money by promoting web hosting products, instead, you can make sales if you promote kitchen appliances.

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