How To Earn Affliate Income Using Re-Direct (SEO Clerks)?

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How To Earn Affliate Income Using Re-Direct (SEO Clerks)?

The question is simple: How are SEO Clerk affiliates earning income using
these templates that are designed to redirect....

I have heard a couple people say they earn through SEO Clerks using
some type of template that can be setup on your own domain; actually
even found people selling it on SEO Clerks; however, the entire concept
is to forward your domain using some type of redirect, so when the visitor
comes to the site, they somewhat appear to be on your domain, even
through they are really passed onto seo clerks using your affiliate ID.

I just cant see how they are making any money by using redirects....
Their domain will not rank, and they will pass off any juice to SEO Clerks...

Maybe there are seo clerk affiliates out there using this method, maybe
explain it a little better, as I only see the affiliate giving their seo juice away.

Maybe I am missing something.



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I don't think that redirecting is very smart thing to do. It's possible, but you have to drive visitors manually all the time, while building website with affiliate services working better in long run

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