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Is it worth promoting Amazon?

Amazon offers such a low commission per product. Is it worthwhile to promote these products, considering how not every person who clicks through on your link will make a purchase?


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If I had a niche blog about a subject that was hard to monetize, then I might opt for Amazon products as they offer a wide variety of products to choose from, something for any blog subject. The commissions might be low, but the source is trusted, so that will go a long way to earning more money.

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I find one of the biggest advantages to Amazon, besides brand trust, is that once the cookie is placed, then you get commission for ANY sale made, and with the vast array of products, that happens often.

For example, I have a pet supply Amazon affiliate store, and quite often a buyer will click through to buy a pet product and end up adding MORE things to their cart while at Amazon, such as jewelry, hats, speakers, etc, and I get the commission for the total purchased. It's not just what they initially click thru to buy, but anything with that session as well Is it worth promoting Amazon?

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It is good to hear your reviews! I was asking the same thing, now i get the answer! I find it hard to get clicks and the clicks do not convert into sales! I am still reading tutorials to improve use; but till now, no success; continue reading!

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The thing is, you've got 24 hours after the click to make a sale before the cookie crumbles and you won't get your cut anymore. If you register someone at SEOClerks, they can buy anything in the shop and you'll get paid just like in Amazon - except, unlike Amazon, it'll last forever.

If someone goes to your site, clicks the aff. link to SEOClerks and registers, thats wonderful. Because they might not make any purchase even for five years, and then they might suddenly go back to the site for some reason or another, find that they don't need to register because they already have (click 'forgot password'), login and spend $500 a week for the next five years. Who knows? Anyway, I'm excited.

Anyway I'm not pitching for SEOClerks, I just think Amazon cookies have a short shelf life. Real cookies will last in the cupboard for weeks, even months, so why do Amazon affiliate cookies go off after 24hrs?

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I think Ive figured out a trick with Amazon in combination with FB advertising. I bid for likes on a page and its converting and sending traffic to my site. It cost less when you run campaigns on a fan page. Do this to drive traffic to your site. You easily target a niche with ad manager. I get a CPM of about $0.04 cents doing it this way. This is just one way I have learned.

I made $40 last month on a $5 test run. I upped the campaign this month to $3 per day. I'll tell you how it goes!

Also to kinda quote what ShanghaiKiwi said. The affiliate program here at SEOclerks can be very rewarding. I just had an affiliate purchase over $1000 in sales. $1300+ since he's been my affiliate. SEOclerks offers 10% so that's pretty awesome!

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