Passive Income.. Is it actually passive?

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Passive Income.. Is it actually passive?

We often hear about Passive income and that passive income is outstanding to have as you won't need to spend even a single second to make loads of money..

  • But is it really true?

I suppose it could be, but in reality it's actually not as good as it sounds.

I am personally a SEOClerks affiliate and I just love the whole program. I have more than 1,000+ affiliates and I love everything about this program. But, with that said, it's also "too good to be true", if someone claims this to be passive income, which most people does. I call it passive income too, but in reality it's not. At least not for starters.

I will tell you why by mentioning these FAQ's: (These 3 are picked randomly)
How to build Seoclerks affiliate store in WordPress with WooCommerce plugin?
How to turn blog article in constant affiliate income?
How to let affiliate marketers know if we offer custom affiliate commission?

What does these FAQ's have in common? - They are all great, valuable and all of them is filled with expert opinions, thoughts, ideas, facts, knowledge and experience..

But do they have anything else in common? - They are all filled with information about "How To Start" making that passive income.

And what's the point of this FAQ? - The only reason I posted this, is to make people aware of the reality behind a passive income. You will not stumble across something that instantly starts generating income by doing nothing.

You will need to put in a lot of effort and time. You will need to research, fail, change, edit and do all kinds of things, before you start generating money. When you've done all that, then you'll have that passive income everyone is talking about.

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No income is 100% passive income. You always have to do something to get it. The idea behind Passive Income is you do very little work after you (usually) perform a lot of work up front. Take stocks or mutual funds, for example. They are completely hands off but you still have to purchase the stocks or meet with a finance manager/agent to get them setup. The setup involves a lot of research or multiple hour long meetings with your finance manager. Then you have to maintain them such as sell stocks that are underperforming or buy a different asset class of stock (or meeting with your finance manager quarterly). This is work. It may only take 15 minutes or an hour per month/year but you still do work which means it isn't 100% passive.

However, it is passive! This is what passive income is. Very little work after the setup stage to continuously generate income.

The same can be said about the affiliate program. You put the work in up front, you get 1,000 affiliates who continually buy years and years on end while on the back end your website is still producing more affiliates all without you doing much (or any) work.

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And this is exactly my point. You can even find this information on wikipedia:

Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.

With that being said, there's still tons of people online who truly believes that passive income is something you can earn without any effort at all, which is the reason I brought this up. One can establish a passive income, and you can even have multiple passive income streams, but all of them requires at least some effort.

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Hitmeasap you really put this together very well in one nice explanation. I was also writing so many times about affiliating with Seoclerks affiliate program because i have seen huge potential in it, so as you did. And you and i know that it's not about saying that we are good in it, but real friendly advice to everyone else to grab nice big chunk of this sweet cake (as affiliate). It's true that it's not an easy task and you need to test the market and best ways to get more customers and affiliate sale, BUT in compare to other things you have to do to make some money, this affiliating is still easy to do. Once you find right path and way to do it, you get really nice passive income for long time. BTW there is nothing hidden because many of us share our experience and anyone interested to learn and become next passive income earner is most welcome and could learn it from our experiences, which is really shortcut to their success. So once again, i invite everyone to get involved in affiliating, it's not just spreading the love, it's serious income waiting for you!!!

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Thank you anwebservices, I appreciate it. You are correct, I love SEOClerks Affiliate Program and I've put in a lot of work to gain my affiliates during my time here at SEOClerks. As an affiliate you'll earn 10% on every sale, for life. And just for the fun on it, I'll share you a screenshot from my affiliates.

Passive Income.. Is it actually passive?

As you can see on this above screenshot, some of my affiliates are generating me some decent passive income due to all their purchases. 10% from these amounts adds up rather quickly into a nice piece of income, and as I'm a Level X5 seller, I also meet the requirements for User Level 5, which means that I earn 2% extra. That's a whopping 12% instead of 10%. Strictly passive (nowadays) as I've done nothing more than just got these people to sign up using my affiliate link.

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The goal of passive income eludes a lot of people who work online. Almost all of my websites that have been or still are successful are not generating money passively. I wish they were, but there just isn't an option to do so because most of them are services. Now if I were to hire people to do the work for me and I just sit back and collect the checks, I'd still have to do work because I'd have to make sure those people I hired are doing everything right.

Passive income from online earnings is a tough thing to do, but possible. I have one website that makes me a passive income and it's so nice to withdraw my earnings whenever I need a few bucks. Now if people think that I got that website up and running in a few months to earn me a passive income, they're very wrong. I was running a service for 4 years before it even started to become passive. After 4 years I brought on a person to help with all the services for clients and that free'd up some time for me to just focus on R&D. It was a great feeling that I didn't have to work on the things my clients were purchasing. Now fast forward a couple more years and I figured out a way to make it about 99% passive. It would be 100% passive but I have to monitor the advertising spaces each month that I have subscriptions for. If I didn't have to monitor the ads performance, it would be 100% passive since I have a great support team, people to fill orders and the hosting is through a company I've used for years Passive Income.. Is it actually passive?

It's an uphill battle, but if you're willing to fight for it you can get a passive income stream set up Passive Income.. Is it actually passive?

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Hi hitmeasap you are pointed really excellent topic regarding passive income. Yes very often we are hearing about passive income from online. And I think all have dream to earning that passive income or outstanding income. But how you can earn such passive income from online? If anybody say me do you earn passive income from online. I should say Yes I do. I do not want to disclose all parts. But SEOclerks one of the main source to earning passive income and affiliate should be best one. You have putted some importance note, specially who is new or starters. Those should be helpful.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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Earning passive income is a phrase that is often used and many people seem to think that you do not have to do anything at all to get such income. But the reality is that before actually starting to earn this sort of income, you need to work for it. The passive income stream can only come afterwards - and you would have worked hard to kick start it in reality.

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Oh yes I think the term passive income can be very deceptive. It is possible to earn it but it will take a lot of work and time to get there in the beginning.
I am starting to earn little bits of passive income and it is awesome. However I have worked my butt off for years to get to where I am now.

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This is a good topic and I totally agree with you. It is not possible to spend one day to start a website or join a program and expect passive income coming in every month. The passive income requires hard work and you may spend months or even many years before you start earning a passive income. However, you may be very happy when you spent years and earnt a passive income but is that it? From my personal experience, no because passive income can drop. I have a website that earns passive income and I experienced a drop in revenue in the past which means I need to do more work to bring the revenue back up. Even with affiliate programs, your affiliates can leave the website and you will need to bring more people in to keep earning a constant income so work is required continuously after all the hard work at the start. Passive income is much more likely to drop than increase!

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Passive income is not actually passive. Passive income means you work today and will continue to earn in the future without you having to do any thing. A good example of passive income is you published an article in 2012 and you are still earning from that article in 2017.
However, things do not work this way. You published an article in 2012, but never updated. This old article that has never been updated will be pushed to the back seat and over the years you will lose traffic and hence money. In order to make the article work, you will have to update your article (add fresh contents, deleted outdated information), and optimize with relevant keywords and promote on social media and social book marking sites.
You have to continuously work to generate money.

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I don't believe that passive income is actually passive considering the fact that it is income. I don't have the energy to start classifying income to be passive or not passive and the reason is simply that doing so will make me have concerns the way I invest with the money I make on a daily basis.

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I do tell my friends that are always looking out for passive income online that there's nothing like passive income,maybe it might work offline not online because even if it about setting up a thing to bring money while you sleep it still not passive because you must always check the setting at all time to be sure it working accordingly to avoid stories.So you're still doing something despite so little.So passive income is not so passive if one till need to do all we do to arrive at making money.

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My husband has 3 blogs that is connected to Adsense. When he quit updating, he thought that it will not earn anymore. But we were wrong because he had another collection of $100 that was unexpected. Obviously, the old blogs are still getting readers despite not being updated and not being promoted either. I consider that passive income because it was not expected at all. So now we are thinking of reviving those blogs especially that we can promote it for free in social media. But again, having time for that is the issue.

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