Getting referrals from current customers

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Getting referrals from current customers

Sometimes, your current customers will advertise for you, especially if they are happy with the service provided. Most do this by telling friends and recommending the service. These referrals can be very valuable as the current customer will 'pre-sell' their friends on your services.

This type of advertising can be really useful when promoting your SEOClerks services as it relies upon one happy customer telling another.

Please tell me if you are using this type of promotion now.


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I'm very familiar with the concept of getting customer referrals as it's just part of my business.

Without the ability to get customer referrals, I would have very little work or at least it would take so much more effort to get new customers.

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I am getting referred customers all the time , It worked out for me very well .

I personally think that this is the best way of promotion its little hard as it totally depends on the buyer because as far as I observed only 40-60% of the buyers care to even leave a review especially for $1 - $5 services . And if you get a buyer who is more than happy by your service He will surely refer others buyer to buy from you .

And as far as my experience out of 100 buyers only 1 or 2 buyer will go this far and promote your service like some do here on service review section but these 1 or 2 buyers advertisement is way better than 100 thumbs up on your service Getting referrals from current customers

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