Would you rather "Sellout" or be "Sold Out"?

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Would you rather "Sellout" or be "Sold Out"?

My response to a User in the FAQ who had asked about putting a "Sold Out" Sign on their Gig (rather than simply making it disappear by Suspending it.

I have been thinking a lot lately about the Concept of being "Sold Out" of SOME things, SOME of the time - and how it may benefit not only your Sales, but your Business Practices in General.

Here's the Post:

Although, it wouldn't be a terrible idea to allow Buyers to still see your Gig. (especially as "Sold Out"). Or at least Mark our Gig "extras" as Sold Out.

I have learned through my years of Online Marketing that being Sold Out and allowing Buyers to see your Product or Service, actually creates more Demand for it.

People tend to want things they cannot have.
They also tend to want something more when they see that other people get to have it, but they don't.
Especially when it was other people getting it, that resulted in the very reason why they don't get to.

In business, people say it's good to be a "Yes" Man. That's what you would call a "Sellout".
But I think it makes for good, healthy business to "Just Say No" once in a while.
There's a difference between being a "Sellout", and being "Sold out".

To be a "Sellout" means you'll do anything for that Sale (even if it means the quality of your Service will suffer).
But being "Sold Out" makes you look Desirable & Honest.

I'm sick of all the "Double Offers", and the "but Wait! There's More!!", and all the "30% Off Sales", etc. etc.

To me, the only thing a "30% Off Sale" tells me, is that they were just ripping me off by 30% prior to the Sale. (makes me wonder about all their other Non-Sale Items).
It also makes their Product/Service seem "undesirable" and less attractive when it's being "Devalued" using very Old-Fashioned marketing strategies.

In all Advertising & Business, Visibility & Consistency are key.

I think that rather than "Suspend" a Gig (*poof* be gone), it would be much more effective for Sellers if they could keep their Gigs Visible (with a Sold Out sign?) so that Buyers could at least see what they're missing, anticipate their Order (or place Pre-Orders), and perhaps strike up a conversation with the Seller about it's availability. This would at least allow Sellers to Plant the Seeds of a Client/Seller relationship.
We all know that if Money were to grow on Trees, you'd still have to plant the seed.
Why do you think Pirates used to bury all that Treasure?


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Read every word, well written and effective. I will chime in and say that I too need to sell out sometimes but I hate my services to go away Would you rather "Sellout" or be "Sold Out"?.

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Compelling argument - how can such a thread be ignored?

Feature Added:

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*lol* Well the other day I actually had to turn down my first Order for being SOLD OUT of TEXT LINKS for my SEOClerks Shared Ad Space Gig and although I didn't like having to do it, I have to say that it was quite Liberating at the same time and it made me think that perhaps it may not be so bad to be Sold Out every once in a while (once in a while being Key).

My reasons for having Sold Out were not just to screw with the Buyer. I had very good reasons:

A) I didn't want to saturate the Ad Space with too many Buyers competing for attention
B) I was about to hit my MAX Character Limit of 4,000 Characters for the Description

In the Future, I may consider Ad Spaces for $1 Dollar Gigs only. Like a 99c Store for Gigs. Or perhaps based on other things such as Feedback, Seller Levels, etc.

I'm open for suggestions if anyone has any. A new Cycle of the Shared Ad Space begins on Nov. 14th so let me know because I plan on Hosting it again since last month was a Success (meaning, I broke even - but my main Goal is to Gain Affiliates from New Buyers who are browsing Gigs within the Ad Space since all Links contain my Affiliate Link)

I learned a lot about how to Target it this time. I was having a hard time deciding whether to Target Buyers looking for neat Gigs, or Sellers who want to Add their Gig to it for a small fee.

But I have decided to Target Buyers only. Make it the best experience possible for the buyer. Period. Everything else will fall into place.

Would you rather "Sellout" or be "Sold Out"? Oh, and Jordan!! Thanks!! You're awesome!! Would you rather "Sellout" or be "Sold Out"?

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We all know that if Money were to grow on Trees, you'd still have to plant the seed.
Why do you think Pirates used to bury all that Treasure?

LOL, Thanks for very informative thread, please keep posting this kinds of threads every once in a while.

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I have one very low cost gig on SEOClerks ($5.00) and it seems to be occasionally popular. And, though i always appreciate when someone orders a gig from me, it takes as much time to complete the $5.00 job as a gig that costs $10 or $20, so I earn less money for the time invested. I've considered deleting or suspending the $5.00 gig, but now I will just use a sold out sign on it. And, then occasionally, I will bring that gig back as time permits. That way new customers can try out my services, even when on a limited budget.

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