About rating after order completed.

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About rating after order completed.

Some clients Don't response after making delivery of work and the order gets auto completed. and when he face some problem after a time, try to make dispute through Paypal. and after not wining the Dispute he try to threat the seller to make refund.

There should be a seller protection. For EX: if an order gets auto completed then after 10 days buyer should not be able to rate the seller either positive or negative.

Others Opinion or Any more suggestions??

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Hi getviews,

I would have to disagree with this. Many Services do not show their true results until after the order has been completed. This could be anything from the results of link building to if the Twitter followers purchased have dropped or not.

If a buyer disputes an order via PayPal after it's already Completed then this will not effect you in any way. The funds are already coming to you or to you.

If a buyer is literally threatening you then just report them to the helpdesk: - If feedback is left under 100% without doubt false/unfair circumstances staff will happily look into removal.


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Thanks for your reply. And good to know that you will help if any client make such bad move.

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