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Common Tater

Here's a really interesting service that I found called Common Tater, a comment solution that allows you to host comments on a site other than your own.

Some of the features of this commenting solution are:

  • Spam handling
  • Alleviates spam comment moderation
  • Declutters your page.

If you have used this resource or know anything about it please share your experience with other webmasters and say whether or not it has helped you out.


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The only reason I might not use this service is that comments on your blog is good for SEO. And, it seems like these comments are hosted on another site, so you lose the SEO benefits of your site visitor's comments.

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That's a really fun name as it plays off the word commentator (as in: person who comments).

I don't think that I would have much use for this service as I can just as easily have people comment on my Tumblr blog or any site that I own.

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Very cute name. Common Tater

Beyond the name being cute, I don't really see a reason t use this as I could just as easily use my own Wordpress comment system or install the Facebook comment plug in. Have you tried that one?

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this is very helpfull share that will help to keep comments clean from spam that hurt in ranking in google

this is very good tool i never heard before

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