Plugins Suggestion Required?

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Plugins Suggestion Required?

I am developing a website for Gambling.

My website will update daily as I have to publish result there in a single page. Nowe I need a plugins so that I can share these message in my social networking sites like Facebook, twitter etc.

Currently I am using a plugin but it can only post new posts from Page or post where as it cant post from same page again and again

Can anybody help me in this regards


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I'm just now seeing this and I'm sorry no one ever responded. Hopefully you have found a reasonable workaround or solution of some kind, but if not here is my suggestion:

I wouldn't use a plugin other than the ones (i.e. AddThis) that have been around for some time, but they are more so for letting others share rather than the automatic sharing that does the work for you.

If I were you, I would get a bit more hands on. Perhaps try to use a combination of web scraping, parsing out an RSS feed, sending that feed to a Google sheet, using Google scripts and add-ons (plenty of options available there, especially some good ones from -- Digital Inspiration), and these can do the work for you.

It also depends upon where you are trying to share, assuming it's Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, and/or LinkedIn to cover the basics. The others, I can't speak for. I know some like Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg, and others. Focus on the share-friendly social media platforms, though.

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