Free WYSIWYG editor for Wordpress

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Free WYSIWYG editor for Wordpress

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get.) Advanced HTML Visual Editor, Just Drag & Drop Your Images And Text Boxes, Click And Move.

Plug & Edit HTML Editor is based on a 3D page building design with height, width and depth. Standard online HTML editors are only based on 2D page editing with height and width available.

WYSIWYG HTML Visual Editor Features:

INline HTML Editor CKEditor
600+ Google fonts. Drag and drop images.
Gradient Backgrounds.
Drag and drop text.
Drag and drop videos.
Drag and drop embeds.
All Editor Items Click And Move.
Load WordPress template inline editing.
Load Personal templates for inline editing.
Graphical user interface
Text fonts.
Text Size.
Text color.
Text shadows.
Text spacing.
Text line spacing.
Text align.
Box back ground color.
Box borders.
Box border colors.
Box border sizes.
Box padding.
Box rounded corners.
Box transparency.
Box drop shadows.
Box border styles.
Box border widths.
Box Resizing - Just click and pull.
Picture resizing - Just click and pull.
Picture transparency.
Picture underlay.
Picture overlay.
Picture Gallery
Image Drop Shadows
Image Borders
Image Border radius
Layers adjust levels.
Layer naming.
Layer positioning.
Layers linkable.
Layer height levels.
Layer visibility toggle.
Layer deleting.
Floating palettes.
Side palettes.
Embeds for adding html layers.
Embeds for paypal.
Embeds for youtube.
Undo step.
Redo step.
Auto backup.
Inline editing.
Margin settings.
Page background color
Duplicate styles.
Adjust Margin Width
Content Editable
HTML Source
Mini HTML Editor
Full HTML Editor
Custom menu options
Upload To Free Image Host
Multi-Select Layers


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It doesn't seem to be available for Wordpress anymore? Was it a plugin that you developed or just one that you thought was good for others to use? There is actually a similar plugin available now but it is a paid one that can be found on CodeCanyon. It is called Visual Composer and it is amazing. You can create some amazing websites with it on Wordpress and it helps you to integrate a lot of different things with it as well.

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