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Abandoned blogs

Whenever I'm searching on Google, I find many old blogs that have not been updated for years. Sometimes, the blogs are really good, with amazing content, even when personal blogs. But, they are just abandoned as if the person just one day decided not to login. I don't know what causes this to happen, but it seems sad these blogs would be abandoned in that way.

Sometimes, I worry that my own blogs will end up with the same fate, as I don't always have time to blog for personal reasons.


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Is there any way to email blogger and petition to have that subdomain released so you can use it?

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I think due to lack of monetization not a lot of people are feeling hopeful about blogging. You need to understand that you are getting some form of output from that activity. If you can't do that then surely it can make it harder for you to continue. I am guessing that abandoned blogs may not be worthy for many reasons. You can see that many are now using the links from others on such blogs. It may work out for them.

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Some persons open a blog for the fun of it and not because they wanted to operate for they abandon it as long as the fun is no longer there.

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I also see such blogs with zero maintenance by the owners. I mean it is not always right to open and start running a blog and at the end of everything decide to abandon it. It is always better if the person can sell the blog to another person to continue with the running of the blog instead of abandoning it totally.

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