Anything available besides Blogger and Wordpress?

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Anything available besides Blogger and Wordpress?

I know about Tumblr as a micro blog site, but what about any full fledged blog software or blog sites online that offer blog platforms. Which other blog sites are available for blogging, not just for SEO or backlinking but actual expression?


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There are numerous free blogging platforms like blogger and wordpress. Blogger is not good as wordpress, however, if you do not know how to customize wordpress site, cannot create a good looking site. Many free blogging sites come with website builder. The one that I can suggest you is weebly. If you use weebly, you can create an awesome site with few clicks. If you choose to have your own custom domain, weebly offers you a website with custom domain just for $4 a month (you have to pay yearly charge in advance), and with this service, you get a free dot com domain.
Another site builder that I can recommend is wix. Wix websites are better looking than weebly. Wix offers premium service (a website with your own domain) for $5 a month.
Other website builders that need a mention here are sitebuilder, simple site, site rubix etc.

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