Do I really need to have a niche blog?

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Do I really need to have a niche blog?

Over the years, I have owned many successful niche blogs including one for free movies/TV shows online; work at home/affiliate opportunities; parenting tips; free beauty tips and gaming.

And, while I really love my niche blogs, sometimes I just want to have one really big blog with all the fun stuff that I'm into. Maybe this would be more like a personal blog, where I talk about things I'm doing for the day, such as jobs that I'm working on; work at home opportunities that I like; movies or TV shows that I'm watching; and other randomness. Each blog post would be as detailed as a niche blog. I don't know if this blog would be monetized. Though maybe I would sell ad space to site owners if the traffic is built up.

Do you think it's always necessary to have a niche blog, such as to separate all your blogs into unique topics? Or, is it OK to have a general blog where you talk about anything and everything?


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For a personal blog, you could use Tumblr, which is more about passions and personal interests. And, that would allow you to blog about anything you want, even a variety of subjects. There is a chance you will be able to monetize by selling backlinks or reviews to others. I think you would like the community as there is always someone to talk to, so you are not blogging alone.

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I think niche blogs are good for getting traffic and monetization. It is easy to market your niche blog compared to a blog that has a wide range of topics. When you are marketing niche blog, you can target visitors based on the interest. When you are monetizing your niche blog, you can target specific keywords and have specific keywords in your blog helps in contextual advertising. When the ads are related to the keywords on your blog, chances of ad clicks increases.

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I think a niche blog is good for targeted ads especially if you're monetizing with adsence,they will really want to know what your blog is all about for them to send you ads that suit your blog and niche.

cramping everything together to me is just like being jack of all trade and master of none.Go for a niche that you can write all and every about.

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This gives me an idea that it’s nice to have a fun blog. It wouldn’t matter if I am not good with humor but I can have friends to help me with that. However, my passion is still the hottest item for me so maybe I will stick to pets when I create my own blog. I feel like I have a cornucopia of ideas when it comes to my passion that I may not run out of blogs to write. But that fun blog will be a second fiddle to my passion.

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