Should I stock up on blog posts?

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Should I stock up on blog posts?

Do you think it would be OK if I wrote the posts ahead of time and just kept them on a notepad or document and published as needed, rather than publishing the minute they are writen? I don't think Google would realize when I had written the blog post. It just seems like sometimes I feel so energetic with my writing and get lots of writing done at once and other times I don't.


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I do that sometimes.
When you're in the mood to write, you want to take advantage of it. This is when your writing is at it's best, and you don't what to lose it. Write as many as you like, but don't publish them all at once because it will be seen as unnatural, and you don't want that.

Write when your mind is hot, because when it goes cold... It may not work out so

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There's really no reason not to splurge on your writing by creating as many blog posts or articles as you can at once. There may be some days when you really feel inspired to write. So just don't stop. On days when you are feeling low energy, that's the time to go back and research and read more on your topic and make notes about what you might want to write later. These low creativity days are perfect for stocking up on your research materials and breaking things down into pieces so that on your creative days you can easily get down to writing without having to be bogged down by the technical details of research.

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As long as you are wiring on evergreen topics, stocking up blog posts can be considered helpful. Since evergreen contents never expire, you can publish your posts when ever you can. Stocking is great especially for those people who are not in a habit of writing every day, yet want to publish regularly.
Usually, I write few more posts on evergreen topic and publish over the period of time.

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Your title is actually the recommended for bloggers – havinga stock of articles. It was exactly what I was doing when I was a co-blogger because the usual issue in me is my spare time. I have a daytime job and full time at that. What I do is write more articles when I am in the mood during my spare time. So when my schedule is hectic, I have something to upload. The updating was weekly so I thought all along that having 3 or 4 reserve articles would be fine. But there came a time when my job demanded most of my time so I really had no more time for blogging. Again, it is good to have a stock of articles, as many as you can, to assure a regular updating of your blog.

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