Does Blogger have an option to archive a post?

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Does Blogger have an option to archive a post?

On my private blog, I use the posts to work on my articles. Once I've written the article, it's still in draft mode or published but private (as in not accessible by Google Search or other visitors).

This is just my own personal work space and no one but me uses it. I have tried working directly in Open Office Documents when writing articles but it seems to limit my creativity with writing.

Afterward, I will publish the article on Hubpages or turn in the article to my client.

Once the job is completed and the article is fully written, I don't need that blog post anymore but it's still there near the top of my posts when I go to the dashboard for that blog. Is there a way I can archive that post, much like you would archive an email? I don't want to delete my posts just in case I need a copy for the client later on.


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Hum I am not sure how that works but I would have to say that there would be a way to do so. It would be a helpful tool to have in any case.

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