How to pick your forum niche?

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How to pick your forum niche?

Here are a few ideas that I had about how to pick your forum niche or subject.

If you are passionate about talking with others, then general chat would be the best niche forum for you. However, if you like talking about other things such as computer repair or admin issues, then you should start that type of forum.

Tell me how you picked your forum niche or share a tip for picking the right niche for a profitable forum.


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I think many people don't put on the right approach. They have to consider monetization as the metric. And then build the forum on top of it. That's how many of the users who own forum are going to be sticking with their forum. Opening random forum and then thinking why it is not taking up is sure way to make forum go down. I have found that forum niche plays role where you have to find the advertisers.

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My take on the niche is the passion and not for the profit or financial gains. Like me, my passion is pets, particularly dogs, so I would surely enjoy having a forum of my own about pets. In fact, I am being encouraged by my pet lover friends to create a Facebook where we can exchange information on our passion. But I still have a full time job and I might have no time in attending to a community. Maybe this forum will be part of my work when I go full time freelancing.

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