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Adsense or Ad sponsorship

Which earns more money on your forum; Adsense or actual ad sponsorship, such as where someone purchases a static ad spot from you on a monthly basis.


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Most forums don't earn much from Adsense as click through can be low, since ads are not able to be placed in context on the forum. For this reason, selling banner or ad space is a smarter choice.

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I agree that Adsense pays so little that sometimes I am wondering how those forums out there are surviving particularly the small forums. I guess ad sponsorship is a better alternative of getting revenue. However, it is not easy to get sponsors unless you have a good connection like being close to a high government official or a popular celebrity. You can tap that person for recommendation and surely you can get so many sponsored ads. That’s the trick of local forums, they try to find reliable connections to the mayor or governor and the next step is to show the endorsement.

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