Fun Friday Contest Ideas

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Fun Friday Contest Ideas

Hey Clerks Nation,

As you know, and many have participated in, we started doing Fun Friday Contests weekly. It has been a hit and a lot of fun. The problem I am running into is it is very difficult to come up with ideas for the contests. Obviously we have to make it hard to cheat but we don't want it to require a lot of effort either.

I would love to hear suggestions from the Clerks Nation for some new ideas. Let me know what you think.

Edit: fun friday contests are down for sometime.


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You could have something like, "the best positive feedback on a service", and it must be 10 days old or something. Should be easy to spot cheaters with that kind of criteria. Another suggestion could be, "the best recommendation", with the same kind of rule like the feedback. 10 days old.

These type of things will not only make people browse trough all their feedbacks & recommendations, but it should be "a lure" to make sellers work even harder since they'll never know if you'll be having the same contest. Buyers could of course participate in these contests too, with their feedbacks / recommendations they have given a seller earlier. I believe this could help sellers to get feedbacks too, since buyers might be interested in participating in such contest further on too.. If you decide to have another go with it.

Other suggestions:
-Oldest member, Oldest sale & purchase, First Affiliate, Most affiliates etc. But you shouldn't have any huge prizes for those kind of things, but it could be some sort of "bonus", just to "give something extra back" to the users.

You could also have something like, "most likes on forum posts". Should be very easy to spot cheaters and it'll make people more engaged in the forum.. (Probably?)

Well, that's just a couple of things that comes to mind right now. I'll keep this in mind and add other suggestions later.


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Thanks @hitmeasap, your suggestions are very helpful. If you think of anything else let me know. It is somewhat taxing to be creative and come up with new ideas weekly but we love doing the contest.

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@EricElliott, you're doing a great job. Fun Friday Contest Ideas
All the contests have been awesome so far, even though I haven't been able to participate in all of them Fun Friday Contest Ideas

Other "bonus/contest" things like I've mentioned earlier could be something like:
-The most expensive sale/purchase (from day 1 until the day you have the contest. Just to avoid scammers.)
-The cheapest sale/purchase (from day 1 until the day you have the contest. Just to avoid scammers.)

There's alot of people who's not participating in the contests so you could just let people who's willing to participate post a pic on their sale/purchase and the winner is decided when the contest ends. (Only people who's participating in the contests are able to win.)

Such contests would most likely also end up with several people having the same amount, $1 for instance. In that case, you can split the prize among all winners. Just for the fun of it. How annoying would that be for the winners? They all get a coupon worth $0.05 Fun Friday Contest Ideas

Well, perhaps not. I don't know. I'm just trying to come up with something so you can get new ideas. Fun Friday Contest Ideas

This might not "fit in" like a "fun friday contest" but you could also give people a chance to win prizes by just entering their emails & answer a few easy questions. Something like: "How old is Jordan?" "When did SEOClerks launch?" etc. And then randomly pick 1-3 winners or so. Things like this would most likely bring even more people because that's actually something ANYONE can do. They don't need affiliate sites, services, twitter accounts etc. They just need to enter their email and answer a couple of questions. Heck, you could even skip the email and just let people answer some questions.

Uhm.. Well. That's all for now. I'll come back if/when I think of something good. Fun Friday Contest Ideas


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I think we should make this thread a sticky!
I didn't even know about this thread until I was sorting through old contests. I believe we should always welcome ideas for new and upcoming contests, and make it easily accessible for members, both new and seasoned to bring forward their ideas!

So, with that being said, I will stick this... And if anyone has any quirks about it, you can simply remove the adhesive ;)

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what if you make a guess the score for the world cup match? Fun Friday Contest Ideas

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