SEOClerks is now Secure

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SEOClerks is now Secure

You may have noticed the new padlock in the URL which is a result of our migration to SSL. Normal traffic is now secure traffic on SEOClerks whether logged in or not.

While you can still access SEOClerks via non-secure protocol http (for the time being), all URLs within have not been changed to use https. The only reason we do not redirect is because of API software using the standard port instead of the secure port (a redirect actually broke the software sites we tested using some pre-made affiliate store software).

If you see any problems at all, enter at ticket. We will get it resolved ASAP.


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It's beautiful. Every time when we log in with SEOClerk than we find there is a notification on top left side. The site shows as a secure connection.
SEOClerks is now Secure

So congrats SEOClerk for making the connection more secure for the users facilities.


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