Sold Out services are no longer visible

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Sold Out services are no longer visible

Sold out services have always appeared in the listing, until now. If you mark your service as sold out, it will no longer appear in the marketplace, categories, or anywhere else. This also applies to featured services.

We believe that sold out services add no value to buyers surfing the marketplace. Your sold out services will still be visible by direct link and any SEO you've built to it will remain in tact.


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Were you getting too many complaints from Buyers because they had to go through all the trouble of clicking their mouse, only to find out the Gig they're interested in was Sold Out?

Have you considered perhaps at least a "Sold Out" Symbol Visible from the outside (such as the Guaranteed, For Sale, & Staff Selected symbols) or Flag over the thumbnail?

Perhaps instead on "On Sale" - it could say "Sold out" and not allow it to be clicked on?

I have a Gigs that I put limits on to avoid market saturation- so they'll sell out every couple weeks.

It would be nice to at least be able to let buyers know that it will be available again soon-

Perhaps use the same countdown system for the "On Sale" Feature "for...14 days", but instead, it can be - "Available in...14 days"

I know this all takes time to implement. If my Ideas could implement at the speed of type - I'd be type years ahead of where I am *lol*


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