How to find the right VPN Service? Debate

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How to find the right VPN Service?

Nowadays we can find anything on internet with just a few clicks, but in this case, searching on Google maybe it's not enough to help me choosing the right vpn service. I don't have experience with them before, and i would like to hear some suggestions , if you've used vpn service before.

Please share your opinion...


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Hey procoder,

I've been using HMA (hidemyass) for years and I love it.

The pricing is pretty competitive, if not one of the best I've seen for the amount of features they offer and how user friendly the service actually is.

Monthly - $9.99 a month
6 month - $6.66 a month ($39.96 at sign up)
1 year - $4.99 a month ($59.88 at sign up)

I have the yearly membership and I don't use it everyday, but when I do need it, it's there ;)

Ease of Use:
I really love the fact that I can just click on my desktop icon and the software will open up in a few seconds. You can also minimize the software and it will run in the background and not be a bother by getting in the way. Connecting to HMAs servers is streamlined and all you really have to do is click "connect" and wait a few moments for it to configure everything and connect you to the best server that is available.

You can literally connect to servers all over the world. I'm not sure how many places they have servers for you to connect to because they're always updating and adding more each month. I've never had a problem connecting to a server from anywhere in the world because they usually have multiple servers for each location. Obviously the larger cities will have more servers, but that's pretty common.

In the end I highly recommend HMA for it's ease of use and affordable price tag How to find the right VPN Service?

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Hi ?procoder thank for your question about right VPN ?or ?virtual private network services. It is depend on why and what purpose you have exacly want to use VPN? For example if you would like to use Geo restricted content or public wi-fi and hot spot security purpose. I think you can use any one which I will give you list. On the internet you will get many VPN servcie with high rate to low price. And it is depnd on available IP and unique IP and how may server they can connected. So, low price VPN can not give you much IP as your want. And if you want to use very uniqe IP and from specific reagion, you have to pay minimum $10 to $40 per month.
VIP72 may very best for unique IP and another most popular is HMA. You can also try to use it and it may $10 per month. Either you can use ?privateinternetaccess etc.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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Thanks for reply and your suggestion Ajlancer. I want to use VPN for security purpose, just want to be safe while browsing online through public wifi . I'm looking for cheap VPN services,so definitely i need to check that list...

Thank you,

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Apart from the price considerations you need to take into account the following factors:

  1. The type of protocols that they support
  2. How many servers they have and where are they, as ideally you choose one that has servers in multiple countries.
  3. Go for at least 3 concurrent connections as you need to take account mobile devices nowadays.
  4. Check if there are any restrictions, such as a limit on bandwidth,
  5. Check if they keep any logs of user activity.

Some of the best VPN service providers include NordVPN, Spotflux Premium VPN, TotalVPN, Hide My Ass, and Private Internet Access.

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Quite an interesting thread, exactly what I had been looking for. I have to buy a good service and recently read hidemyass vpn review which was quite promising. Does anyone know about the internet speed with this one?

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I have been using ExpressVPN for last 2 years. At the beginning, I just thought to try their 30 day's free trail. It worked great during trail time, so I ordered 1 month service first, then renew,renew...

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