How To Monetize A Facebook Page With Adult Content?

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How To Monetize A Facebook Page With Adult Content?

I have an old Facebook page with Adult content. The fact is, the only thing I've done with the page, is to upload a few photos. Nothing more and nothing less. I haven't done anything with it in ages now but I've been thinking about doing a few posts each day to gain new fans. In case I can come up with a good way to monetize it.

What would you do, and what could I possibly do, to make money from it? Do you think it could be worth it?

I have a few ideas already (promote adult products for instance), but I would appreciate tips from others.

I have never done anything similar at all, but I do know how to bring the people. But how should I monetize it?

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Monitizing facebook traffic from pages can be done over time, it's not an instant profit type of thing. If you can find the right products or websites that offer a decent commission you can make a good amount of money.

A few things...

Make sure you don't break anything within the terms of service or privacy policy. You could put your pages and your account in jeapordy by doing something you think is small but facebook will think it's the worst thing ever. I've seen people get their accounts suspended just because of a sentence they used on their page which they thought wasn't against the terms of service. I personally think it was just someone in the manual review team having a bad day and banned anyone they could. I saw what he posted and it didn't seem bad to me, or anyone else that looked at it for that matter.

Be sure to build a reputation that you're not just in it for the money, even if you are. Don't post dozens of affiliate links each week because you'll soon notice your followers will be leaving your pages and not liking or clicking through after they catch on to your "in it for the money" attitude. If you can, set up some websites that you can send traffic to, and on those websites you can add your affiliate links ;)

The Money:
Try to find websites that will give you lifetime commissions from anyone that signs up through your links. Lifetime commissions are the same as here on SeoClerks, anyone signing up through your links will get added to your profile and you make money whenever they purchase something, and it's for life. Cam sites are a great way to do this since a lot of them will offer this type of affiliate commission structure.

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Thank you Razzy.
I do know how to manage my page so to speak, but I'm looking for ideas or suggestions on what I could do. The main thing would probably be some affiliate products, as this is in general what people does. But I would love to hear any other suggestions, if people have some ideas or insights, as this is something new for me.

I haven't been into this "adult"-thingy earlier and that's why I reach out here, to ask any other experienced user for some help How To Monetize A Facebook Page With Adult Content?

I do appreciate your contribution and I will remember your points. Thank you!

Best Regards,

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I suggest that before thinking about monetizing your page, you build up the fans that are actually following it. To do this you need to post regularly, and whatever you post needs to be interesting and shareable. This niche may attract a good number of fans of course, but you need to make sure that you do it the right way since Facebook has strict rules about what you can and cannot post. So you need to find proper ways of going about it. The possibility of making money by attributing the page with certain products is very good but they need to be related with the niche, so always keep that in mind. Another way is converting your Facebook fan base into an email list.

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I have a facebook page for my lingerie website. The lingerie niche is considered adult in Google Adsense terms, therefore, I have not used adsense ads on my lingerie website, however, I promote contents from my website on facebook pages. The primary idea of promoting my content from lingerie website on facebook page is to drive traffic to my website. I sometimes share products from my website on the facebook page, however, I do not get conversion. I am also looking for the methods to monetize my page.

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I have heard that Adsense does not allow monetization of sites with adult contents. Correct me if I’m wrong on this notion. But if there is another way of monetizing the site aside from Adsense then you can probably earn from it. I have checked on some adult videos that has millions of views. They are not in Youtube because it is prohibited to upload adult videos in Youtube. Think if that adult video with a million views is monetized by Adsense then that will be bringing in a lot of revenue.

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