Why and how to create WordPress child themes

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Why and how to create WordPress child themes

If you have a WordPress blog and you would like to change your design a little bit or make some additional changes to your theme, it's not recommended to edit any of the theme files which you have installed. Instead it's always better to create a child theme and make all your editing into the actual child theme. It's very easy process to do if you know a little bit about HTML and if you follow simple steps from below.

So why it’s not recommended to edit original theme? Well most of the themes are getting updated and upgraded, so if in future you upgrade your theme to newer version, you will lost all editing you made before, but when you have additional changes in child theme, they will always remain there.To get better picture how easy it is, just watch this short tutorial video:


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A Child Theme is a good thing to have. It basically helps to speed up the development, and it is also beneficial when you foresee that probably you will be doing updates often. The child theme automatically inherits the features, styles and the templates of the parent theme, and this will enable you to make changes to your site by using the child themes without the need of modifying the parent theme. Then when there is going to be a new version of the parent theme you will be able to update safely since all your modifications would have been saved in the child theme.

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I had web developers redo my mommy blog and they added a child theme. I don't know much about it but other people have asked me about my theme and the fact that I have different fonts and styles.I just explain it is a Child Theme.

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