Part 7: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting

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Part 7: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting

Here is where I'll talk about client relations. Now this isn't a direct sales technique or method and it's not a marketing tactic. This just helps keep clients happy and a happy client will usually send referrals ;)

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And Here, We, Go!

Support Systems:

A support system is pretty common practice in todays world. Just having a support@ or info@ email isn't enough to stay ahead of the competition today. But don't worry, you don't need spend thousands and get one custom coded.

Third party support systems are the way to go, you can actually purchase a lifetime license and not pay a monthly fee for some of the systems. Now this will cost a lot compared to the monthly fee which would be a fraction of the lifetime. Normally when I start a website I will pay the monthly fee for the support system because you never know if a website will be successful. Once the website shows promise, I will upgrade the support system, but not before that because if could be a waste of money. One of the more popular systems is since they offer all the premium features at a pretty standard price. Kayako also offers a stand alone version where you can purchase for a one time fee.

Always Help

When you're responding to support tickets you should always be helpful. People that are happy are less likely to leave a positive review than someone who had a bad time. If you please 10 people and anger 10, I bet you'll have 10 bad reviews and maybe 1 positive review, that's just how it works online and it's unfortunate. One bad review can actually ruin a website and the power is in the clients hands. You can't really fight a bad review, so try to be the best support system in order to make everyone happy.

Treat Them Like Friends and Family

Don't talk to people like they are a paycheck. You should always talk to people like you've known them for years and you're on good terms. Now when I say you've known them for years, you still can't talk to them like their a brother or sister, you still have to show some sort of professional side. By adding a smiley face at the end of a paragraph it will make the client open up a bit more and let their guard down. You'd be amazed at how many sales I've closed just because of a smiley face and talking to a client like they were a friend I haven't seen in a few years Part 7: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting

Did you see the smiley face at the end of that last sentence? ;)

This is the the 7th and final post in my "Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting" guide.

I may add more in the future so stay tuned Part 7: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting

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Brilliant post. I totally agree about the way you talk to customers and/ or potential customers. A mixture of friendly and professional works wonders.

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Support and good customer care are of the essence. No website can be successful without this ingredient. It deeply effects how a customer feels about your site and business, and if you do not place enough importance and effort to customer support you are going to fail your own business. Customers need to feel that they are being valued. They need to get that feeling that whatever they are asking about is going to be given a proper answer. They want to get prompt replies, as well as get the feeling that any feedback they offer is appreciated and acted upon.

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I agree with all of your points. Your last point says to treat people like your friends and family. This is so true. You should never think of people as money churning machine. yes, at the end of the day what you want is money, however, you have to treat your customers fairly well.
This is very informative article. However, looks like I have missed your other articles. I will check the aforementioned links.

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With clients, I agree that you have to talk with them like an acquaintance and better if you show an indication of friendliness as if you are soliciting for friendship. We call that “personal touch” when dealing with clients that the client has the tendency to remember you that when he needs a product or service that you sell, he will contact you again. That friendly approach can hook your clients to be regular customers.

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I wish you would write more on the series. I enjoyed reading it and learnt alot along the way. This would be a guide I would gladly hand to anyone wanting to start a website. Customer service is important and is often underrated. In real life I get annoyed when I walk into a physical store and the attendants behave assive I'm disturbing them. Online bad customer service takes the form of no or delayed response. Like in an offline business customer service is one of the pillars to a successful business.

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