Part 6: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting

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Part 6: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting

This part will cover off page optimization and what you can do in order to achieve higher rankings in the search engines Part 6: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting

Off page optimization is the act of building content and links on different website and blogs in order to make your website and/or blog more popular in the eyes of the search engines. Doing this takes time because it cannot be rushed or you will be given a penalty to your rankings by Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Not all of them will penalize you for the same thing, so you have to play it safe.

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And Here, We, Go!

Starting your off page optimization can be a daunting task if you don't already know what you're doing. Don't worry, I'm here to hold your hand through it Part 6: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting

A lot of sellers here on SeoClerks will offer top rankings after they're done, but that can't be guaranteed and anyone that says they guarantee a #1 position should be avoided. Real sellers will tell you up front that they cannot guarantee a #1 position but they can get your keywords moving up. They cannot give you a guarantee because they do not work for the search engines. And even if they did work for the search engines they still wouldn't know the exact method in order to get you ranked.

Step 1: figuring out what you need

Figuring out what your website needs is the toughest part of off page optimization. There are so many types of links out there and people think they need 1,000 links from all the popular websites, which isn't true. If your website is 1 to 6 months old I would recommend going slow on your link building. I say this because you're still in the probation period and Google will be watching your growth. If you register a domain and have 1,000,000 backlinks the next day you'll most likely end up on page 50 while Google analyzes your links and website. The only time a website jumps up like this is if they went super viral right off the start, and that's extremely rare.

If your website is new, start building a few links here and there or hire a seller who does manual link building over the course of 2 to 4 weeks so that everything is more natural. After a month or so I would think you can amp it up slightly and get a few more links that month. You want to stay off of the radar right now, I know that's tough because you want to get all the traffic, but this is the safest way to keep your website from gaining a panalty and you'll elongate the life of your domain name.

If your website is older than 6 months you can do a lot more linking than you could if it were a newer website. This is because of domain age and domain authority is now on your side. You haven't spammed a million links and the search engines now like your site a little more than they did 6 months ago Part 6: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting Focus on tiered linking so that the "link juice" will flow down to your main pages. This has always been a great way to jump in the rankings as long as it's done right. Avoid link wheels at all costs because they can just destroy your website if done wrong. Link wheels use to be great until the search engines started catching on and penalizing all the websites that had them.

Focus on high pr links even though pr doesn't matter as much anymore. I say focus on high pr links because those website will have a good domain authority and domain age, both which are good for ranking your own website for your keywords.

Step 2: Getting Social

As soon as you register your domain name you should be on every social platform setting up a page for your website. Even if you don't plan on using the social platform, at least you have your page made and no one can make it later and impersonate you.

Be active on your social platforms even if you only have 10 followers. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 followers, be helpful and curtious and they will treat you the same. The more information you share with them, the more they will share for you ;)

Post good content to your social platforms. Take your time to type something up, don't just share a link you found on someone elses website. Your followers are following you for your information and posts, not someone else links. Posting links to other peoples websites will lower your followers because if they think you're not the originator of the post, why would they follow you?

Step 3: Press Releases

Press releases have gotten some negative feed back recently because they were seen as a way to spam your backlinks across the web. If you can find a credible service that charges a fair amount per press release then you'll see the benefits in the long run.

A good press release will land you on news websites that have a lot of traffic. This traffic tends to click through to your website even if they don't intend on buying. This isn't always a bad thing though, I had a press release go viral once and had 1,000 shares and made a good amount of money from the people who shared to their friends. I didn't make money off of the people who shared my press release, I made it off of the people who saw their friends share a news link ;)

There's a lot more involved in off page optimization but it's difficult to give an exact guide on it because every website is different and the campaigns can vary drastically.

This is just part 6 of 7 in my "Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting" guide.

Stay Tuned!

- Razzy


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Awesome part of your tutorial Raz! This is the good stuff and always the most fun stuff to do for me! For getting social, I always first see if my keywords that my domain uses is available on other social media sites. For that I use and You can just put in your domains keywords, whether that be an actual keyword or a brandable name and it will tell you if those names are available on all the top social media and social networking sites. These sites are also excellent for knowing other social media sites to set up a home on for your website as well and I often use them when launching a new domain/website. That's what they were made for! Part 6: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting

Talking of launching, press releases can indeed be very powerful and useful in getting your website known about as well as creating some very high authority backlinks too. Yes it's true that most of the biggest free press release sites are spammed to death now but some of them are quite heavily moderated these days too in an attempt to remain attractive PR sites for people to submit to as well as not want to loose any more ranking because PR sites took a massive big whack in the SERPs following all the latest Panda and Penguin (Hummingbird) updates. That said, there are still some very professional PR services you can use. PRWeb is my favorite one of choice because they can handle everything for you for a little more from creating the press release itself to submitting to other top PR sites and Google new sites.

So yes, once your site is setup and all running properly. First think social and use those sites Knowem and Namecheckr to help you see which social networking sites you can create homes on which you can post to and then think about ways in which you can get your new site out there into the Internet by using press release sites. You can go free and DIY but it's better (far better) to use a premium profession service. IMHO.

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Great tips Razzy. I agree with you. I would like to comment particularly on press releases. I feel that they are often either misused, or not used to their best effectiveness. Press releases need to form part of an SEO strategy because they can really help in increasing web traffic, and not by a small amount. They also help for a better conversion rate, and a lower bounce rate. So they need to be used in conjunction with a website. The key is to write PRs that are well written and to post them properly to gain as much as you can from them.

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If you want a website, first of all you need a domain. Once you register a domain, you need a hosting. Now that you have a domain that is already hosted you will have to install content management system on your website. There are various kinds of content management systems, however, for the beginners (also for the professionals) wordpress is best.
Your work does not end here. Irrespective of the type of website (either blog, forum, or ecommerce store) you need contents. Now you will have to do the hardest work. promote your website.

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Of course, it is the social media that can provide you with a marketing pasture. Use your social media account to promote your new website. Make your posts creative as to stir their interest and probably make it a bit mysterious or intriguing. With the use of social media for marketing, you cannot be wrong because it is free and available to anyone who has an account. And if your social media account has lots of followers and friends then it is easy picking for the promotion of your website.

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After your reading your guides on how to build a website I understand everything more. I think that the information on link building is always pushed especially by people providing the service(so they can make money). When it does not work for your site, they turn around and say that link building is dead! I dont much about press releases, but I am willing and open to learn and will be sure to look it up.

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