Do you have a mentoring scheme for your staff members?

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Do you have a mentoring scheme for your staff members?

Whether you are an entrepreneur or freelancer, having a team is very important and it is important to help junior staff. As discussed in a previous topic, when choosing staff, it isn’t always about choosing the most experienced staff but the staff with the right attitude and motivation. Therefore, some staff members may be less experienced.

On my forum, we try to hire moderators who have the most potential but may not always be experienced. We often have another experienced member of staff to help mentor the less experienced moderators on skype to help them get to grips with their duties.

Do you have a mentoring scheme for your staff members?


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I love the idea of mentoring staff and it's always been something that I tried to do to the best of my ability, whether that was on a Skype group (as you mentioned) or via private staff room. When my own forum was active, I had a private subforum for staff members and that's where we talked. Also, I added the staff to my Google + and that's where much of our conversations took place. This was some years back and at that time, I was on Gmail and Google Plus rather than Skype and so that's where my time was spent and anyone on my forum or staff could contact me there. However possible, a forum owner or site owner should be available for mentoring, even if just by email and very responsive to their staff needs as inattention is a big cause of staff turnover.

With any staff, I aspire to be supportive and encouraging while setting a good example.

I don't mind dealing one on one with staff members, though I find that group discussions often produce the best results as everyone can pitch their own ideas and solutions for how a staff problem should be handled.

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Mentoring can be a very good way to help a new employee get used to what needs to be done. This applies in every context. Some guidance is appreciated as no beginner is going to be experienced at everything for sure.

The main issue is that the mentor will need to devote a considerable amount of time doing this mentoring duty and so this may end up lowering his personal production rate, depending on what his work involves. This is something that needs to be taken into account as mentoring may sometimes be considered as not being that cost effective. Thus the amount of time mentoring duties are carried out needs to be set to strike the right balance between training the new person and still keeping up with regular duties.

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