Part 3: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting

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Part 3: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting

Web design can be a tricky thing if you're starting out. There are so many companies out there promoting their "State of the art" website builders and it's kind of confusing on who you should choose. A simple answer it, none of them because most of they are garbage in my honest opinion. Not only are they garbage, but most of them don't allow you to take the code you strung together with their builder and bring it over to your own hosting.

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Ok now, here is where I'll go over web design, whether it's a customer design or you want to use a pre made design in order to get live quicker.

And Here, We, Go!

When you are thinking about a web design you'll want to pick your niche first, but this should already be done since you had an idea for a website. Having the urge to put up a website always derives from an idea, and that's your niche ;)
So you have your niche, now you need your website designed. I've paid thousands for custom coded designs and they were really good, but sometimes that's not needed. You can use a premium theme and put it on WordPress, or shopify if you are going the ecommerce route.


WordPress is the leading authority for pre designed website that look like you paid thousands for. Another great thing is that you typically have a 1 click install on your hosting company that will put the WordPress dashboard on your pages. You can purchase a great theme from places like themeforest or templatemonster in order to get started right away. After you pay for your theme you will get an instant download link sent to your email and it will also be in your "Downloads" section on your profile.

Download the theme and go over to your hosting account, where you already installed WordPress by clicking "WordPress" and then Install. Now you can go to "Themes" and upload the theme you just purchased. Some of the themes come with one click installs of their content and plugins, which makes it much easier to configure since you don't have to search around the plugin store to find what works.

After you have the theme installed you may have to add your own content or edit what was already installed. You don't want to keep the same content that is with the theme, if it came with pre-installed content, because you'll get hit with a duplicate content penalty or just not be able to rank in the search engines easily. You will also have to edit some of your images so that your theme is branded for your domain name. You wouldn't want your theme name on your theme where you can place your own logo, right?


If you're going the ecommerce route I would recommend using shopify because they are extremely user friendly and all you really have to worry about is setting up a domain name and email address. Everything else is already set up as soon as you pay your subscription fee Part 3: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting

You can also buy themes for your shopify store, but they do tend to be a little more expensive. I haven't seen a shopify theme for under $120 where as WordPress themes are $50 to $70.

The theme upload is a lot more smooth than on WordPress because the shopify theme store is linked in with your account. So uploading your theme doesn't require a download since it gets put onto your account and you can just install it there. It's a pretty genius idea so that people who don't really know what they're doing can just click a few buttons and be done Part 3: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting

Custom Designs:

Custom designs, although they will cost more, have their benefits. Mainly with programming you'll see that a custom code is more beneficial than a pre-coded script that you can download and install. With custom coding you can get whatever you want, including unlimited features, put into your code. A lot of WordPress plugins and shopify apps can't do what can be done with custom coding. You're not hitting any walls when it comes to custom coding because you're paying a programmer and designer to build the idea you have in your head. Again, it costs a bit more, sometimes a few thousand more, but it can be worth it in the end if you get something unique that your competition doesn't have.

Now this is only part 3 of at least 6 of my "Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting" guide.

Stay Tuned!

- Razzy


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I always go with WordPress CMS simply because I'm so used to it compared to anything else and when it comes to looks and aesthetics the sky is the limit with WordPress. Plus there are literally millions of very nice themes out there you can install in a few clicks from your WP Admin Dashboard or by downloading and uploading to WordPress. And these are all usually highly customizable as well so even if 100,000 websites are using that theme, you can often modify it to be unique to your site so it doesn't look the same. But as you've pointed out, it's not always about going with a theme that looks nice, modern and clean, but about finding one that is ideal for your site. Some themes have theme options, widgets and other things you can customize on the fly to fit with the way your site works. ;)

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I agree that WordPress is the leader. It is so easy to use, and it offers so many options to make a site not only appealing from a visual point of view, but also very professional looking. There are the paid options of course, but even the free option offers you a lot, and I believe that is most cases it is surely enough. Anyone can design a good site with WordPress. There is no need to do any training or courses or know any coding. WordPress has revolutionised web design in my opinion. Shopify is also great for ecommerce.

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When I decided to launch my website, I had no knowledge about this. After I got my first domain, I did a little research and I discovered that you can launch a wordpress site without prior knowledge/skill about web design. two days later, I bought a hosting package and installed wordpress on my domain. Once wordpress was installed, I began to add contents, Since I had already used wordpress blog, I knew how to operate wordpress site. Still my site had basic design. Over the days I played with themes and plugings and read many instructional articles and buid up my knowledge, I think I have good looking sites these days.

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For a personal website, maybe WordPress will do because from what I have been reading, it is one of the easiest to use when it comes to website design. From what I understand, Wordpress has a ready pattern that you can modify to suit your taste. But if you have the budget for the design, I would suggest for you to hire a website designer so you can fulfill your preferred design. But take note that a webpage designer charges a fee of maybe $100 for a simple website with less than 10 pages and as high as $!,000 for a big website. But the cost will depend on the country you reside.

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I agree with you that word press is one of the best in terms of website designs.They also offer many free themes to start with. I may sound cheap because I always worry about the cost, but when you are first starting out money is a big concern and you want to save as many costs as possible. I've also heard that shopify is a good E-commerce site. I know that they offer you 14 days free, though when you are first starting out, the 14 days may not be enough to see any returns.

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