Part 1: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting

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Part 1: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting

I always have people asking me "How can I make money online?" and I can't really answer that because everyones skill sets are different. I typically tell people to start blogging about something they like doing and they'll learn over time how to build and profit from their website/blog.

If you'd like to skip ahead to a section you know you need help with, use these links:
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My guide will help you go from registering a domain to profiting from your website. Keep reading and let me know what you think Part 1: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting

And Away, We, Go!

When registering your domain name you need to think of where you want to purchase your domain. This is where the domain registrars come into play.


Big Name Registrars:

  1. Godaddy
  2. Namecheap

I typically use Godaddy for my domain purchases because I've been using them since, what seems like, the beginning of time. So I try to keep a lot of my domains in the same location to just make it easier with renewals.

Brandable Domains

When looking for a domain for your new website you'll want it to be brandable or easy to remember. Why? Because this is a great way to generate traffic and it's the first thing people see before coming to your website. They are already making assumptions about your website based on what the domain name is. When I'm purchasing a domain I try to make sure it is no longer than 2 words and 4 syllables long. Each word can have 2 syllables or one of the words can have one and the other have three. This will guarantee your domain name is short enough to be remembered and also brandable at the same time.

Paying for the domain

When purchasing your domain through godaddy, or wherever you want, be sure you can get domain privacy so that you're personal information is hidden if anyone does a WHOIS search on your domain. By purchasing this privacy add on, all that will show up is if you go through godaddy. Now people can still email you because everything will get forwarded to you, but no one besides godaddy will see your personal information at all.

At checkout, or just before it, you'll be asked if you want business registration and email setup. You don't really need either of these because you can the business registration isn't very useful and the email setup can easily be done through your hosting after you set it up. Just to show you how much this will save, Godaddy charges around $4 or $5 a month for each email you set up through them, or you can pay for your hosting and set up countless emails for free. Which do you think is better? Yeah, thought so Part 1: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting

Also, when purchasing your domain be sure to check and make sure you're not paying for 5 years in advance unless that's what you want to do. Most companies will have it preset at 2 to 5 years and you can knock it down to 1 year, which is what I do.

This is part 1 of at least 6 for my "Start to Finish - Building A Website And Profiting" guide.

Stay Tuned!

- Razzy


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This is awesome. Very useful for both newbies and advanced domainers alike. I would like to make a point about domain age. I think that domain age is a big ranking factor for your website in that the more years it has to it, the more authority it will have. Many people only register a domain for 1 year and most 1 year domains are typically only here for literally, 1 year. So registering your new domain for 3 or 5 years can give that domain a little more authority in the SERPs and show that you're not going to be "here today, gone tomorrow" like most fly-by-night domains and websites are that are only registered for 1 year. It also can make sense to register a domain for more than 1 year as you will save money on each renewal cost. If you're renewing every year that is, you'll end up paying more money for it that way as opposed to registering it for 5+ years. The more years you register it for, the cheaper you can get it so it makes twice as much sense to register your domain for 3 or 5 years if you can. Anyway this is an excellent 5 part tutorial and I'm going through them all one by one so expect more comments! Part 1: Start To Finish - Building A Website And Profiting

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The tips provided were very helpful. The domain name is without doubt one of the most important factors to ponder on when discussing website building. Just as it is really important to choose a catchy and memorable name for a shop, so is the case with the domain name for a site as it is what people will need to type in as well as remember for future visits if they do not bookmark the site. So choosing a good and brandable domain name is extremely important. I agree with your points regarding the domain name registration.

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The first domain registrar that I came to know was Go Daddy, however, I never registered my domain on Go daddy. I wanted to but I could not. I did not have verified paypal and in order to pay to Go daddy you need a verified paypal. I registred my first domain witbh namecheap because I could pay with unverified paypal. Currently I have over 50 domain names with namecheap. I am using some of these and I am thinking to sell the ones that I am not using.

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I think the domain name is the most important at this point. Choose the domain provider of your choice like is it a dot com or dot org or maybe the new dot xyz. Anyway, the right choice of domain name depends on you. The suggestion is for it to be descriptive enough and the shorter, the better. When choosing a domain name, always think that it will be forever so choose a nice name. Be ready with the fee for the registration of the domain name.

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Great information.I guess getting a website is necessary if you want to start a business. For most of us that are new to this and looking to start a business online, the biggest problem is the cost.We understand that a website is necessary. Is they a way we can get a free website. I know that you can get a free hosted website on Goggle blog spot and Word press. However is this as effective? Will you still be able to rank on Google?

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