10+ Ways to Increase Your Blogs Traffic and Earning Potential

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10+ Ways to Increase Your Blogs Traffic and Earning Potential

Some people see blogging as a distant dream, for others they are living that dream. Many have tried, but only few are truly successful with blogging. It all depends on how much money you're making with your blog and that comes about through monetization and blog traffic. Improve your blog traffic and you will improve your earnings. Your blogs traffic can be divided into two things either quality or volume. More traffic volume means more earnings and better quality traffic means much more interested visitors who are more likely to do the things you set up on your blog to earn money with. Where as with monetization there are many ways in which you can improve upon it, you can either find higher paying advertisers or sell your own products on your blog using a cart solution of some kind, or you can go with affiliate marketing. Or, you can use all of them together and focus on the one that has the most conversion.

So here is a number of other ways to increase your blogs traffic and earning potential.

Create, Post and Share More Content
The more content you have, the more things your blog can be found for in the search engines and the more opportunity there is that people will visit your blog, click on your ads, click your affiliate links or become your subscriber to your email newsletters. So don't just focus on building backlinks to your site for SEO or for traffic, and don't neglect to add ever more and more high quality content to your blogs. Whether its news and reviews or just informative articles and advice. The more different types of articles your blog has, the more categories it has, the more traffic it will receive from the search engines which will crawl and index it and then rank your blog posts accordingly. You should aim to post at least one new article a week or if you can, one new article a day if you can but don't skimp on quality, take some time to research and do keyword research for your blog posts and offer something unique and this will increase your organic traffic and earnings. But that just goes without saying!

Expand Your Horizons
I know it is so obvious that it's a no brainer, but it's well worth saying for the list! But don't just settle for using one, two or three social media sites. Sure start small at first with a Facebook Page and Twitter account. But do branch out and take up homes on other social media sites too. The more you're on, the more chances there are of people finding your site, brand or products which means more traffic and sales for you. It's true there are only a handful of top social media sites where most people are on today, but even some of the smaller, lesser known social media sites are worth getting on and are growing bigger every day/week/month and year. Find out lists of social media sites, register with them all and create your profile on them. Add details about your business and your website links. Try to update them from time to time by posting to them regularly. Build them up just as you would your main social media sites and in time this will be very rewarding!

Create Affiliate Link Reviews
You can gain traffic and earn some extra cash through writing affiliate link reviews. Find a high paying affiliate or even use Amazon Affiliate Program, then write very detailed reviews of some high ticket products. Obviously writing reviews of products you've not really used is not always easy if you haven't tried those products yourself but you can check out other peoples reviews of it and see what they're all saying and from that you will be able to create a much more genuine review. Product reviews need to be as genuine as possible because you will be essentially making it up as you go along. And this isn't something you would want to do too much all the time post after post on your blog, After a while people will be able to read between the lines and see that you're only writing them for the money. It's okay to write your review of a product you've not used. If you've still done a lot of research into that product and know a lot about it your review can still be genuine and valuable. Just write product reviews of the products you recommend and sprinkle them in with the rest of your blog posts.

Create an eBook
If you're very knowledgeable on something and have written a lot of articles on that subject, you will have probably established yourself as an expert on that subject through all your blog posts or articles you've written for other sites and things. You can then take stock of all that content and compile it all together into one eBook that people can either read online or offline. This eBook can be shared on all your social media channels and even even uploaded to Document Sharing sites which can of course provide you with backlinks from the links you have in that eBook from high authority Document Sharing sites but these can also rank like webpages as well and can go on to send you traffic for years to come. You can even take advantage of some free eBook distribution services who will distribute and share your eBook to their readers and followers. Facebook Groups are great for promoting eBooks too! There are some very big Facebook eBook groups. Check out my list of 700 of Facebook's Biggest eBook Marketing Groups to share your eBook to for downloads, readers, traffic and sales.

Take Advantage of Video and Podcasting
Podcasting can be a little harder to get into than video marketing, but not as hard if you already have tons of content that you can turn into podcasts which can then be uploaded to iTunes and promoted and can go on to bring you in traffic and revenue from sales for years to come. The same can be said about videos as well. Video marketing is now the leader of all marketing methods. So making videos is the way to go and anyone not using it in their promotion or marketing is leaving money on the table! It's really not hard to create your own videos from your articles or even make your own. You can even get videos made for you for very cheap today such as those cool explainer videos that clever marketers are using today.

Create an App
Do you have an idea for an app? With your own app, you can reach much more people. Even a simple app of your blog that lists all its articles is still an app. You can make those quite easily online for free. And you can get them on the Google Play store for a small fee. If you make an iOS app, you will need an Apple app dev ID to put it on the App store or you can get someone else who already has to do it for you for a fee such as the app developer you hire. But if you have an excellent idea for an app, you can contract that out to someone and that can go on to get many downloads/installs and you can have links to your blog in that app or use adds or in-app purchases to unlock extra features etc so there is a lot of earning potential in having your own app. The thing to do here is just research into making your own app. There are lots of ways and sites out there that can tell you how to do it what you might need to do and offer recommendations for things. Too many to list here but I'll put that on my faq to do list and create a guide on how to create a simple app or get one more advanced made for you.

Fix Peoples Problems
In one of my last discussion on how to find the right followers for your social media pages, I explained ways in which you can get inside of peoples heads and find out what sort of things they're into and how to find out about any kind of problems they might be having in life. Problems that many people have, and a problem you can find a solution too. So if you study your readers which are in your blogging circle and are commenting on your blogs, listen and watch out for any common problems they might share. Then find out ways in which you can solve that problem and provide them with the solution to it in a way you can profit from it. This could be with an eBook that you sell for money or some software or product you've found or whatever it is you can find within your power and means that helps them with their problem.

Build Your List
Have you ever heard people say "The money is in the list"? They say that for a reason because it's true. Having a list of subscribers is an extra revenue generating source for your blog and also serves as an extra blog promotion and marketing tool as well. It's not hard to build a list, you can simply collect emails and email them yourself, or use a service like MailChimp who will give you lots of tools to use and help you become a successful email marketer. You don't have to email your subscribers with new stuff every day, just once in a while when you publish a new blog post or have an exciting offer for them they might be interested in. But don't just send them offers for things, send them other stuff that doesn't have to do with you making money but rather just keeping them entertained. It can take a while to big a build list of subscribers but the earlier you start, the sooner you'll be able to use them as an additional revenue stream as a blogger and affiliate.

Comment on Related Blogs
Commenting on related blogs lets you establish yourself as an expert on subjects that your blog is about. It also is an excellent way of build super related backlinks to your blog which not only help in increasing your blogs rank in the SERPs but also can send you traffic for years to come from that other blogs visitors and readers. I created a discussion the other day about boosting your sites traffic and earnings by commenting on related blogs as it's one of the best and fastest ways to get high quality backlinks to your blog. But a lot of people don't do it because they think they'll be helping out those other blogs by giving them free content and buzz by commenting on their blogs. But that's simply not the case, while they may be competitor blogs, they aren't your enemies and you can use them to your advantage. Sure you'll be helping them out a little bit by adding new content to their blog from your comment but they'll also be helping you out by giving you a backlink to your site. And since most blogs let you set what keywords you want to use as your anchor text they can also be very good at using them for keyword ranking as well. Although you wouldn't want to use your targeted keywords in every blog post. Sometimes just use your name or something else like a mixture of your name and site name. Sometimes don't even put a link at all. Get them approving your comments first and add them in later as they wont think that you are commenting just for a link as much as they will because you just think they have a great blog and want to participate in the discussion.

Repurpose Your Old Blog Posts
After a while, your blog posts can become irrelevant or contain outdated information. So go through them after 6 to 12 months to repurpose them. You can do this by updating the information in them or adding new information (content) to them. A good way to look at it is by categorizing them into 3 different categories. The first category would be posts that are just really irrelevant now and will be in the future even if they are updated so you can pretty much ignore these. The 2nd category would be posts that are still relevant but possibly inaccurate now and could be made accurate again by updating them with more accurate information. And the 3rd category of posts are those that might be out of day but can be updated and made relevant again by adding new content and information to them. Then by doing so, then share these updated posts once again on your social media profiles to breath new life into them!

Delve Into Other Things
Some bloggers don't realize their true potential and power and underestimate their leverage. I often see many bloggers who find and pick a niche they are passionate about and focus all their intellect and energy into that one blog. The find the best keywords and long tails and create tons of content around them and all the synonyms and variations of it all around that one subject. Of course, intensive keyword research is key to creating content that helps get you ranked. But once your blog is seeing success from all that hard work and research, you should make use of that power to expand into other niches that can bring their own success. That's what we call "back burners", little side projects we start working on that are in some other niche you are passionate about also.

It's the Small Things that Count
Don't ignore the small SEO details that go towards having good on-page SEO. There are many basic on-page SEO tasks that many bloggers neglect to do thinking that they are too small to have any kind of significant effect. But it really is true when they say it's the small things that count. Small changes here and there, a rephrase or snippet here and there can appear like more effort than is worth doing but on the flip side, if you're ignoring things like good meta description writing and not adding alt text in your images or not taking advantage of subheadings properly, you're only hurting yourself.

What are some other effective ways of increasing your blogs earning potential?


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If use wordpress, dont forget to install plugin SEO, and optimize every single post you have. And dont forget to always share your post in every social media you have: facebook, twitter, instagram, google+, etc..

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Lovely post, thanks for sharing. I've got to say that when I started filming my own Youtube videos to embed into my blogs it made a massive difference. Suddenly people were interacting more and the engagement on my websites and social media went up by a big notch. I have to say thought that I do think it is because I hit a nerve with a lot of people... but hey engagement is engagement. I would rather hit a nerve than be boring and forgotten!

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Thanks Febs, glad you liked it. Yes video is an excellent way to do just that! And that's what it's all about at the end of the day to get people to be responsive by being controversial or saying truths and telling it like it is! 10+ Ways to Increase Your Blogs Traffic and Earning Potential

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Very much informative and helpful.Key word reseach is very much essential for blogging and content writting. Without keyword research and select the perfect keyword for content writting no one can boost his traffic

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I create contents only once or twice per week. This is mostly because I am stuck in some offline works. I think that things will settle down in the coming months and I will try to write more. I currently advertise my blog on 3 social media sites. I have been more successful on Facebook so far. I am planning to start video marketing next year. I will be hiring an expert for this. I know that I will have to work harder to get more people to come to my blog.

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Thanks for these interesting points to increase traffic and revenue. I am already doing most of these and I am thinking about doing those that I have not done yet. For instance, I am thinking to use video and podcast to promote my blog and I also want to create an app. However, in order to use these methods, I need skills.

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Expanding your horizon needs a plan so as not to waste much of your time. First step is to choose which venue you should focus. Second step is to create a guide on how to gather people to your network. When I created my Instagram account, I thought that followers will come in naturally. Unfortunately that did not happen so I had to send requests to be followed by other people.

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