Easy ways to increase your brand recognition and authority

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Easy ways to increase your brand recognition and authority

Below I've written down a few ways to help with branding and building authority for your website or business. If you have anything else to add in that I missed, please contribute below Easy ways to increase your brand recognition and authority


1: Domain Name
Your domain name says a lot about your company. Are you trying to be memorable or are you just running a website for yourself? A short and sweet domain is a great start with branding because it will be more memorable. When I'm setting up a domain for a website that I want to be profitable I try to never have more than 2 words in the domain and nor more than 4 syllables. One of the words in my domain will normally be a keyword for SEO purposes ;)

2: Guest Blogging
Guest blogging on niche related websites not only helps build an authority behind your name and everything you're linke to. It helps build your brand and will bring in traffic from people searching your name or business online. The SEO benefits from guest blogging are pretty great as well. I like to use to find new blogs for me to post on. Now these blogs won't be new to the world, they will be established and well known, but I wouldn't have known about them without guestposttracker Easy ways to increase your brand recognition and authority

3: Posting Great Content On Your Own Website
Adding great content on your own website is a great way to build a reputation because you will eventually start to rank in the search engines. People will come to your pages, read your content, and hopefully they will share or subscribe so they can read up on your future content.

4: Advertising Campaigns
Some people don't use adwords, adcenter (bing and yahoo), buysellads, and other advertising platforms to build their brand. Not many people do it because it feels like you're just throwing away money. But if you configure your ads properly, you'll be able to get targeted traffic while still branding your website or business at the same time.

5: Help People For Free
A lot of people are in need of advice and there aren't many people looking to help unless there is a paycheck that clears before the advice is given away. Help those who are in need of it, you'll build a large following by doing this because those you help will feel indebted to you. Loyal followers will turn into your advertisers in the long run and we all know that free advertising is golden Easy ways to increase your brand recognition and authority


1: Business Cards
Creating a good business card is more difficult than you'd think. Websites like have a lot of good templates for you to choose from, but you'll want to stick out from the pack. You can hire a designer here on and they can get you a great design for your business card. Don't make your card too busy in terms of designs and text. Keep it fairly minimal so that it's easy to remember if someone loses your card. Have one image, your name, email and phone number. That's all you need on your card for it to look great.

2: Clothing
Now a days you can get a T-shirt with your logo on it for fairly cheap. Also, the more you buy, the less it will cost per shirt. By getting shirts made with your logo on them you'll be able to wear them around town and this will help brand your website or company. Get your family and friends to wear your shirts when they go out for dinner or a night on the town. If they really are your friends, they should be willing to help Easy ways to increase your brand recognition and authority

3: Events
Going to events pairs up well with #2 in the offline section. When you go to an event you can rent out booth space and all the foot traffic coming your way can be a potential sale later on. If you're a solely online seller and you're trying to build a brand, you'll need to hand out pamphlets, business cards and freebies in order for someone to want to check out your website after they get home.

4: Freebies
Give away freebies to people but make sure your domain name and contact info is on the freebie so there's a chance the person will check out your website. A great thing to give away is something that a person will use regardless of what is branded on it. I know I have a few pens around my house with company names on them and I've checked out the website a few times. Another great thing to give away as a freebie is a magnet that people can use on there refrigerators. Looking at my fridge I have 4 magnets from businesses that I've been to or I got as a freebie at some convention. I keep them because they are useful to me and work day in and day out. You need to have good freebies though, if you buy 1,000 pens for $10 then they won't be great and they'll just get thrown out. The same goes with the magnets, make sure they're a good quality so people will use them regardless of what is on them.




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Awesome tips Raz thanks a lot. The offline tips are solid as well. A lot of people do so much online marketing for their business they forget to think about ways to advertise, promote and market that business offline as well. Even if your business doesn't have a premise or physical location office, you can still benefit from some of these offline marketing methods because they advertise, promote and market you online also.

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These are some perfect tips Razzy. I would also go with Forum Posts. Which happens to be my main business actually. Much like "Guest Blogging" I search for related topics and reply. The process is two easy things but people often doesn't seem to have enough time to do this themselves, which is why they come to me. This will not only bring attention to the specific website, service or product I'm talking about in my post, it will also increase brand awareness. However, I would never create posts including website links only, as this will most likely be marked as spam in whatever forum you're using, which would obviously make your work goes to nothing. With that said, I just mention the specific site or product within some posts, without including direct links.

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Hi Razzy thanks for your awesome tips by several ways how to build a brand online and offline. All are very excellent and effective tips. As your starting points domain name really great start for making brand. I already discuss about this matter in my other FAQ. Guest blogging another great Idea to build a brand name. I really prefer forum posting and social media promotion to disclose brand name and no alternative either unique or quality content. And adverting eventual and very effective way to promote any product. And your offline idea another good way to increase brand name. And I really do it by pressing visiting card and and another good idea to make advertisement on local newspaper and magazine.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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I must confess that Mr Razzy is one great online marketer that I have been learning so much from since I joined this forum and I have to say thank you for always teaching newbies like me the ways that I can make my online presence known to the public. It is not easy, but with time, I know that I will get there.

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I’m really wondering why guest blogging always appear when it comes to promoting the website especially if the website is a blog. Guest blogging is not that easy to do because you can easily be a guest blogger of an unknown blogger and that will not do your purpose any good. If you have tried applying to be a guest blogger for a popular blog, you will understand that it is not that easy because the blogger will just tell you that there is a long line of the waiting list for guest bloggers. The easier way is to post a comment on a popular blog. At least you can get your signature to be seen by the multitude of readers of that popular blogger.

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