How to Find the Right Followers for Your Social Media Pages and Profiles?

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How to Find the Right Followers for Your Social Media Pages and Profiles?

Getting the most from social media can be a blessing or a curse for some some social media marketers. So many people, so many different personalities, tastes and preferences. But people are people however they come and people turn into customers. But not all of them will be interested in or want to buy your product or service. Obviously you will only want those people that are actually interested in and want it to follow you.

There are literally millions of people logging into social media sites around the world at any one time and finding the right ones that are interested in your brand or product is another thing altogether. It may be that the majority of people that are may be using a different social media site to the one you're mainly using. So there are a couple questions you should ask yourself to know where the majority of your targeted audience is hanging out on. So you can get better results for your work on that social media site.

  1. What sort of people are my targeted audience?
  2. Where are most of those people likely to be found online?

Every business has an ideal customer that would prefer to sell to. And although it can take time, it's important to study the habits of your intended audience to learn how they behave and what their demographics are to learn and get a better understanding of the type of people that you want to read the content you post and this way there is a bigger chance they will buy your products/services. If your products or services are aimed mostly at the younger generation, you might have more success on one social media site where as if they are aimed mostly at older people, you might get a better response using another social media site instead.
  1. Research and analyze data information on your intended audience.
  2. Find out what the age group of your intended audience is.
  3. Use the social media sites that have the most people for that age group.

You should try to find out all you can about your existing customers to get more of an idea about who your targeted audience is, such things as their age groups, interests, locations or even income levels will all help you to know what sorts of people are following you. If you don't have that many followers yet, you can look at your rival or competitors followers for these things to know more about who your intended audience to target will be. Her's some useful points to bare in mind and consider when looking.
  • Research peoples age groups, interests and locations, even if they have and share any issues or problems you can find a solution to.
  • Perform keyword research so you can know the sorts of things your intended and targeted audience is searching for and reading about.
  • See if you can find out what sort of websites or blogs or portals they use and any community forums they might be engaging in.
  • Look up past comments on your social media posts where people often express themselves as these comments can be very useful for that.

Doing this research on your own current followers or even your rival/competitors followers wont just help you to know what sort of things your targeted audience is into and loves consuming but also to find out where they are most likely to be as well. And that will be where the best content is for that thing they're interested in! AKA your content.


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For facebook, I've noticed that running a targeting campaign can bring a lot of people you're targeting but they may not purchase.

I've ran multiple campaigns and I've gotten my Cost Per Like down to $0.01 but I got 0 conversions due to the type of campaign. This type of campaign would be targeting third world countries to build up my "likes" and followers. I can get my Cost Per Like down to $0.01 because targeting third world countries usually costs less and facebook sees it as you're trying to sell to them and they know your conversions are going to be horrible, or something along those lines. Anyways, I would set my campaign to $10 a day and run it for around 1 week. This usually got me around 7,000 page likes due to paying the $0.01 per like. Now here's where the trickery comes in, and it costs a bit more to acquire likes, but it's worth it. I now switch my targeting to the USA, Canada, and the UK in order to find people who are more willing, and able, to purchase my products that third world countries see as extremely expensive. I'll pay up to $0.25 to $0.75 per website click or like and since I already have the 7,000 like showing on my facebook page people are more willing to come in and check out what's going on. Having these likes, even though they don't do anything, will encourage people to come in and check out what you have for sale. The mass amount of likes is more of an honor badge saying "I'm An Authority!" and people trust you a little more.

That's just one little trick I do ;)

- Razzy

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Awesome Raz, sounds like you've got that down to a t! And in this case, the t is for trick! You're definitely right about the numbers thing. People see a lot of likes/fans and some part of them makes them like it themselves even more because of that. That's human nature you know? We go where the majority go. The call it crowd behavior or herd mentality. But I'm glad to see and hear you're buying likes/fans from Facebook rather than from some other like service as at least that way, sure they might not be very engaging fans and have a low ROI on your products, mainly because they're from poor countries and can't afford much, but at least they're all real fans and not just eggs from botted accounts which doesn't do much other than get the numbers up so you can install that faith and confidence in people but it's so much better to have them as real fans none the less. A lot of people stopped using Pages so much when Facebook very greedily limited how many people you can reach. What is it now like 3% or something? That means for every 1000 fans you've got, you're only going to reach around 30 of them. So for a Page with 7000 fans, you'll only reach around 200 of them!? Plus that only includes those that actually see your posts in their timeline if they happen to be on Facebook. Here is a bar chart from the Neil Patel site that shows the reach for 2015. For this reason, I stopped using Pages myself and use other things more instead now like Groups and other social media sites. I still use Pages but not to the level you are! How to Find the Right Followers for Your Social Media Pages and Profiles?
How to Find the Right Followers for Your Social Media Pages and Profiles?

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Thank you for the tips you have given on how one can get to link up with the people of social media. This is one aspect of social media marketing that has been confusing to me. I'm glad to come across your write-up.

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The discussion here is really interesting. I am sharing my experience. If you are targeting customers in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, you will have to spend more in advertising. If you are targeting your campaign to the developing countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, you can start your campaign on a low budget. That's because of people in the US, the UK and Canada are the real customers, they are the once who click the ads and buys products. The visitors in the developing countries usually do not check ads. Therefore, I believe you should always look for the people who are actually your consumer.

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Yes,you're just hit the nail on the needs to analysed the data of the people he us targeting. it never enough to just target but one need the right audience to target or else for affiliate marketing one might be left with just audience with just clicks no conversion.

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It’s probably the right evaluation of your page that matters most. Depending on your niche or the theme of your page, you can promote your page on your timeline and probably you can seek the help of close friends in spreading your post. Social media is very fertile with all kinds of users and for sure you can get a lot of preferred audience for your followers.

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