What is the difference between Apache and Nginx?

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What is the difference between Apache and Nginx?

Hi everyone,

I have been using an Apache web server for ages and recently I saw a hosting company that offered Nginx web servers. They claimed that the Nginx web server is faster and more lightweight than Apache. I am thinking about changing web hosts and the hosting plan the web hosting company offered looks very good and I may consider switching over. What is the difference between Apache and Nginx?

I also know the LiteSpeed web server is faster than Apache but what is the difference between Nginx and LiteSpeed?

Out of the three, which one is the best?


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Nginx is a LOT faster and much more efficient than Apache. Apache is good and very stable but requires a lot of resources meaning you'll need larger servers as your traffic grows. Nginx on the other hand can reduce your server load significantly. I'd opt for Nginx over Apache any day of the week.

Litespeed is a commercial web server software, unlike Nginx or Apache (both open source). Litespeed is fast, if not faster, than Nginx. It depends on which benchmarks you look at. I find that Litespeed is much more stable than Nginx since Nginx has a plethora of Bad Gateway issues that never seem to be resolvable and has commercial support backing it. Litespeed is also a drop in replacement for Apache meaning you do not have to rewrite your .htaccess files (Nginx is differently formatted and requires a rewrite). You should, theoretically, be able to install Litespeed over an existing Apache installation without any issues or errors.

Here is the order I'd chose: Litespeed > Nginx > Apache

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Hi thanks for nice question and robertman11 also descrived well. I think main differenct between Apache and Nginx are Apache and Nginx each are open source web servers i.e. hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) servers and can be used for static files or dynamic pages. they're needed for configuration to recognize the URLs requested by the users to route at right place. Main distinction between Apache and Nginx is in their way to handle traffic and connections. In Apache multi-processing modules (MPMs) are provided to handle the client request whereas in Nginx the connections and clients are handled by putting them in event loops wherever they're processed asynchronously. The usage of processor and memory is consistent in Nginx even at significant loads as compare to Apache.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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Apache and Nginx are both good, and in fact they are two of the most commonly used open source web servers. Together, they serve over 50% of online traffic. However, if I were to choose I would also agree that Nginx is overall better than Apache. It is indeed faster, and basically its request handling enables it to process more requests with less memory resources. As a result, when it comes to serving simple static information such as audio, images and media, it manages the load quite better than Apache.

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Apache is more used which is better. Nginx is significantly faster and better serve more visitors at a time.

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