What are the basic limitation on free web hosting?

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What are the basic limitation on free web hosting?

Everyone has the option of free or paid web hosting. But what are the upsides or down-sides to free web hosting?

Free web hosting doesn't cost money but usually has limitations such as less bandwidth for traffic.

Free web host limitations.

Impose on free advertising:

With free web hosting, you are likely to have ads on your site from the host company.

Web space limitations
Many free web host companies will limit your storage space as a way to encourage you to upgrade your web hosting space.

No access to FTP space
Being able to use FTP space is an advantage for a webmaster as it lets you move files from computer to online web storage space such as for forum or blog software. Without access to FTP space, you are stuck using the template builder provided by the hosting company.

Limitations on file size or type
Some free host companies will limit the size or type of files you can upload. For instance, a company might only allow you to upload GIF/JPG files, rather than pdf files.

Unreliable or limited availability
There will be many outages with free hosting as it is often shared website and many people are using that same space. That can translate to more outages.

Bandwidth limit
A bandwidth limit is the limitation placed on your free host website in terms of daily or monthly traffic. When your traffic exceeds that limitation, you will experience outages, which means your site will go offline more.

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Reliability and speed always get me (aside from the force adverts). The speed is terrible and there is no way you could actually scale a website up to huge proportions on a free web host. There are too many other websites fighting for bandwidth.

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The forced ads are the worst. And, initially I was with free hosting, starting out ten years ago but that got old really fast as the pop ups were killing my computer. About five years ago, I started a forum on a free host that had no forced ads and it worked pretty good but there were obvious limitations such as traffic bandwidth and I was concerned they would throttle my traffic. If I'm remembering correctly, they didn't allow access to the script installer, which meant I had to install the forum software on my own. About two weeks in, I upgraded to paid hosting. It was a pretty decent experience and I stayed with that host company as a paid customer for years, though I don't think most free hosting companies are so good to customers. I'm still a bigger fan of paid hosting, as it gives you more control with your own content.

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Yes Bev I agree with you. I also start blogging with free hosting and Fore ad really awful experience for free hosting. And I feel another worse thing on free hosting like they do not allow to install any custom script. Overall free hosting never be good for advance user and it is not also comparable with business hosting. But as a beginner he/she can start with free hosting. And it is superb way to gain first knowledge about blogging or website.

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One of the main drawbacks is that you are going to have limited features on your site, along with adverts peppered here and there which annoy visitors. This, along with the fact that you would have a rather unprofessional sounding domain name, end up making your site, and consequently, your business, appear as a low quality one. It is as if you have a shop and you could not afford to paint it and decorate it nicely. Speed is also an issue, and this continues to undermine the site's performance and user experience. So, even if it is free I would not go for it.

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