Should your domain name match your brand name?

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Should your domain name match your brand name?

Your domain name should match your brand name so as to stick in the mind of your site visitors and anyone using your product. Just think of Coca-cola and what they would be now if their site name was just or something more generic and less oriented at their actual product. When your customer searches online, it will most likely be by the name of your product, so you will need to ensure that domain name matches the product or brand name. Would you agree?


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For large businesses with world wide recognized brands it's important to have their brand name included in domain name so they can be reached by their customers easier. For long time it's very hard to buy such domain name because most of them is already sold out, if you don't have some "twisted" or weird brand name Should your domain name match your brand name? But to have for example and such domain names, it's impossible i guess as they are registered already for long time, or they may be for sale by their owners but for very high price. For example was sold for $180.000 on Flippa years ago Should your domain name match your brand name?

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I always try to get it so that my domain name is extremely memorable and have a brand behind it.

Now I'm not saying that I have a clothing line with my brand as the domain name, but I do try to brand all my websites and the first step is to get identifiers in the domain name. If you sell SEO (search engine optimization) make sure you have "SEO" in the domain. You can add another keyword into the domain or something that helps identify your website or company. If you do SEO then I would assume that a lot of people looking for you would know what backlinks are. So if you did SEObacklinks then you could instantly show people what your website is about. Now if you're going to for a more branded version you can add "marketing" to your domain and do SEOmarketing. The best thing to do would be to do something that shows you're the best and also it has to be memorable. So if you did something like topnotchmarketing then you could show people that you're the best of the best and you also do marketing. This is the best way to get the branding started and you won't have to change your domain later on if you want it to be shorter or more memorable.

If you designed your own product, like a car, then of course it's best to have the domain named after your company because that's how you'll want to be known. Just think of what you want people to tell their friends and if their friends will remember your domain.



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The domain name should include the brand name of the company or product. This is even more important when a company is a renowned brand. It effects credibility in my opinion. For a small business that is just starting out and who is not offering a well known product, it is better to stick to a related keyword, and to go for something memorable. Generally the shorter a domain name is, the more easy it will be to remember it and to avoid typing it incorrectly. Try to make it sound professional and obviously the extension you go for will also matter.

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Hi anwebservices, Razzy, EliteWriter thanks for sharing your opinion here. And another post I was write which is better for domain name short either long and I insist brand name more importance rather than extended domain name or short domain name. I personally prefer short domain mane by consideration with branding. And it is easy to reach specific people on internet. But it is hard to get short domain name always. Anwebservices also pointed this issue and as my example. This domain name very short but pretty sure that it is not easy to reach it for your brand. Therefore again I want to say domain name that matches your brand is extremely important.

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I think the key is that your brand should match your domain name rather than the other way round. Most companies will probably create a website before building a brand so it is important that you build a brand that is the same as your domain name. Branding building takes a lot time too! I have seen some websites that have different domain names than their website name and I think this isn’t the best idea as this means their brands don’t match their domain name which can be confusing for customers/members. Domain names can also be very valuable with good brand building so don’t underestimate the power of brand building.

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