What do you think are the most important transferable skills for freelancers?

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What do you think are the most important transferable skills for freelancers?

I think the most important transferable skill for freelancers is communication. Good communication can do a lot. If I have a question, I would expect the freelancer to answer my question with excellent communication skills and technical material should be presented with every day language. If the order is going be late, I don’t really mind as long as they let me know. Good communication skills will make the process easier for both parties and this will more likely to make buyers return which will increase your revenue.

What do you think are the most important transferable skills for freelancers?


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As a freelancer, you will be able to take your core skills with you where ever you go and work anytime and anywhere.

Some of the best transferrable freelancer abilities or skills that go from one job (or location) to another include:

  • computer/internet skills
  • problem solving and customer relations
  • high quality writing and proofreading

The ability to establish your own brand via forum marketing and social media is also a good asset.

Most importantly you should be able to work under a tight deadline without direct supervision to deliver a high quality service on time according to your customer's specifications and requirements.

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Great list Bev! These skills are also very useful for most of the other careers as well. With everything being computerized, computer and internet skills is an important skill for everyone and not just us freelancers who work online. It seems like these skills that you develop during your freelancer career will help you if you ever move onto other sectors. Building your own online brand is also very interesting. I have been to boot camps where they teach you about having a presence and building a personal brand. Building a personal brand is very important within online and real life jobs. What other methods other forum marketing and social media can you use to build an online brand? I think the main problem online is that most of the time you don’t see the other person so there are often trust issues which can hurt your brand if something goes wrong.

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I agree, good communication and people skills are a must if you are to succeed as a freelancer. That said, there are people who have terrible people skills and can't hardly speak a sentence of English properly and still provide a great service to people so their clients are able to tolerate it. There are some very professional looking services out there that will provide you with excellent customer service and blinding support but still only provide a just above par service but if the customer service, support and communication is excellent clients are able to tolerate the work even it's not even about par. It's swings and roundabouts, ying and yang. But at the end of the day, it's usually the services communication and customer service that lets them get away with it. Don't get me wrong, there are also many professional services out there that also provide an excellent service as well. But these people fully understand what that means for business today. What do you think are the most important transferable skills for freelancers?

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Good communication is an essential skill and will affect your business in a very positive way. As long as you're communicating properly with your clients or potential customers you will make them feel comfortable but you will also make them aware of the fact that you provide customer support which is extremely important for some. Never underestimate the power of words and communication. With that being said, I do believe that communication is the most important transferable skill and I would recommend anyone, despite their native tongue, to communicate with all their clients and potential customers as much as they can. Even though they might be afraid of doing it due to their native language.

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Communication skills are a must have for a freelancer, and with that one needs to have the ability and willingness of offering a good customer service. Managing to explain oneself properly is also of essence, since the way one explains things will reflect on his reputation and whether he can be trusted or not. Obviously most of the work will be carried out on a computer and online, and so one would need to have good computer skills. It is important to show a commitment and professionalism in every task and message, as a client is going to take that into account for sure.

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HI MasterA I should agree with you. Yes as a freelancer you must to have communication skill to understand each other. And it is not only necessary for freelancer who selling service and it must to need also for buyer. And I saw several time many of my client do not understand what I try to persuade and at the same time I saw many seller do not have communication skill as good enough. And upon good communication customer service will relay. And I agree with Bev also. Before coming freelancing profession, you have to have experience about computer and internet. And have to have excellent tolerable ability to solve any problem under pressure.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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As I had been saying frequently, I am here in the internet to improve my written English. Communication is one of my functions in the office and written English is very important. When my boss advised me to enroll in a communications course, I opted to join forums and content writing sites instead. And I was right in my decision because unlike attending a course, learning and earning in online work is truly enjoyable. Although learning to write takes years, it is worth the effort because written communication is paramount in online work.

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Communication skills is must but being able to communicate well does not mean you will succeed as a freelancer, even though this is the basic skill you require. Apart from communicative skills, you also need networking skills. Networking means interacting socially for the purpose of finding useful contacts or personal advancement. When you are networking, you will build a network of potential clients and buyers.

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