Important Factors to Check For When Ordering Articles

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Important Factors to Check For When Ordering Articles

After you receive a set of ordered articles from any freelance writer, you should alays ensure to check thoroughly, not only for style and grammer but also copyright infringement and authenticity.

A really good set of well written articles can work in almost any area of Internet Marketing and Online Promotion, whether you are planning on backlinking or just using them on your blog.

An ordered article doesn't have to be a literary masterpiece to satisfy your needs, but it should be original enough to satisfy copyright standards and even Google so as to avoid duplicate content penalty.

The four most important factors to check once you receive your ordered articles are plagiarism, Grammar and Spelling, Keyword Density and Readability. Without these four factors in place, the content won't work for any reason you plan to use them for.

Before doing anything else, run the articles through a copied content checker such as SmallSEOTools’ Plagiarism Checker. This will tell you how closely the content matches other references online and provide a link to where the content was originally found on the internet.

For grammar and spelling, you can use a free simple tool such as the Grammarly software. Though there is a paid version, the free version can do enough to satisfy your requirements including checking spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and even style. If you want more advanced style checking, you will need to subscribe to their premium option.

Once you've checked for style and grammar, you should invest some time into looking at the keyword density. Are the keywords packed into the content in an unnatural way? If so, add more word content, until it feels right. There are many keyword density checkers online, but one good one is SEOBook’s Keyword Density Analyzer.

Though there are actual tools online that can help you to check the fourth requirement of readability, simply reading over the article for yourself will be a better option. If the article reads mechanically, then likely it was spun, which won't be acceptable in terms of highly refined search engine optimization.

If you are uncertain, ask a friend or coworker to read the articles for themselves, so you can get an average, non-industry person's opinion on the readability factor.

These four factors should give you a head-start for checking the articles you have ordered from the freelance writer.

List any other quality factors you would check.

Kenn Important Factors to Check For When Ordering Articles


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It's very useful to see a portfolio of the writer's portfolio with writing samples and even to find out where they were previously published. In that way, you can judge the quality of the articles ahead of time, before hiring. Find someone who can do original research and write content in their own words, not just copy from the internet. Otherwise you'll spend hours in rewrites to avoid copyright hassles.

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Article writing is a service that can be found a lot, yet not everyone is able to be a good article writer. Unfortunately you end up with many people who feel that it is a good way to make some money online, and yet there were times when I could not even understand what they wrote. I am saying this from experience with people who tried to be article writers, and from what several buyers told me about their negative experiences. It is important to check the experience of the writer, and check reviews and recommendations. Moreover, check if he or she is a native English speaker because that affects the quality of the work a great deal. Grammar and spelling are important, and so is the sentence structure as these affect readbility. Originality is also very important of course as you cannot use plaigiarized articles. Keyword Density is also critical for SEO purposes.

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Many of the article services that I have seen so far are for spun articles from sellers who have only the basic grasp of the English language. That's fine if you only want to pay a dollar per article, but professional article writers are paid much more, even online. You get what you pay for. And, don't expect much for a dollar.

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